It’s Friday!


You know what time it is.
It seems these Mail Bombs are getting harder and harder to crack. I did my best:)
Let’s get to it!
First up, Olamide from London is totally in love with Beyonce’s look:
She says, “Please can you find where Beyonce got this outfit???”
I did a bit of detective work and found the following:

Slouchy Knit Beret, $10.80, www.forever21.com; Max Studio Silk Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater, $98, www.maxstudio.com; Tribeca by Kenneth Cole Rock Candy Flats, $40, www.piperlime.com; Women’s Beaded Hoop Earrings, $7.50, www.oldnavy.com; ASOS Paperbag Stripe Trouser, $47, www.asos.com.

Next, Ingrid says, “I love this coat that Rihanna is wearing and have also been looking around for a great belted houndstooth coat.”

Any advice on where I should start looking? ( I just graduated college so i can’t spend a ton)”
Rihanna’s $398 coat from Ron Herman might be a bit out of reach, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a similar look. Try these lower priced black and white options:
Left to Right: Belted Houndstooth Coat, $178, www.talbots.com; Soia & Kyo Belted Houndstooth Wool Coat, $330, www.nordstrom.com; Paper, Denim & Cloth Jackie O Jacket in Houndstooth, $149, www.revolveclothing.com.

Next, reader Julia says, “I do not have the traditional crave of shoes/clothes/purses. Don’t get me wrong…if I see some hot shoes, purse, or outfit I will definitely buy it. What makes me go crazy for fashion is outerwear style…like coats/jackets/vest/sweaters. So I come to you asking: Can you please find where I can get this coat Alicia has on???”
“…Your help is truly appreciated.”
Julia! So that coat, with the leather detailing, really reminded me of a Mackage Coat. Mackage coats are made in Canada, have great cuts and shapes, cute leather accents, and also cost a grip! I checked their stock, and couldn’t find anything…though I did do a search and found this $258 Kenneth Cole Reaction Trench Coat….
…that I felt fit the bill.
If that doesn’t cure your coat jones, let me introduce you to a few Mackage creations:

Top Row: Joanie Prince of Whales Zip, $748; Zipper Coat with Puffy Sleeves, $550.
Bottom Row: Noemie Coat in Fog, $660; Valeria Trench Coat in Black, $627.
Get ’em all at www.revolveclothing.com.
And if anyone knows who made Alicia’s coat…let me know!
Next, Natalie says, “Hi Claire, I love these boots…”
“…edgy but sexy. By chance do you know who makes them?’
Hey there. Kristen’s boots look similar to these boots by Fitzwell

Get ’em for $180 a zappos.com
Next, Shari says, “Hey Claire! What kind of shoe do you think I can wear with this dress?

“…And do you think I can wear panty hose? Thanks!”
Um, Shari. That dress is fire. And a fire dress deserves some fire shoes. I’d say keep it simple in a neutral black, but make sure that these aren’t any regular old black shoes (as the model is wearing). Strappy, tall, wedged, or spiky, make sure your heels stand out!
Try these:

Left to Right: Jessica Simpson Hidi Platform Maryjane, $63, www.endless.com; Report Signature Guarda T-Strap Pump, $195, www.revolveclothing.com; Alessandro Dell’Acqua Suede Bondage Stilettos, $670, shopbop.com
Oh and yes, wear sheer hose. It’s cold out there!

Lastly, we have a question for everyone.
It’s getting colder, so Keenda asks, “What is your take on UGGs??
“…. are they worth it? Are they fashionable or just an Uggly trend soon to be forgotten??”

Fashion News and What Nots

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Madame Umbrella goes exotic in a hip hugging leopard print dress at the Bambi awards in Germany. Are we feeling her look?

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32 thoughts on “Mail Bombs: Rihanna’s Houndstooth Coat, Alicia’s Mackage Coat, and Beyonce’s Look for Less!”

  1. Uggs are ugly, and they’re so out! On that note, they’ll probably be one of the most warm, comfortable boots that you will ever wear. I say buy them for the warmth and comfort, but not for the style, because these boots are definitely not in style!

  2. Bey’s beret can also be purchased at Urban Outfitters for a little more $$. About $24. But they have a great color selection.

    Necessary Objects also makes a similiar Houndstooth lightweight coat like the Paper Denim & Cloth one. Macy’s.com

    Uggs are the most comfortable shoes in the world and I personally don’t think they will ever go out of style when u need to run to the store or hang out on a Sunday Morning. But on the other hand many designers have been making boots similiar to Uggs but with a heel. I have a pair by Ralph Lauren that i love. I get comfort AND they look fab. They just don’t have the fur going all they way thru like Uggs.

  3. I read an article that the NY Times did on the ugliest shoes in history and Uggs were listed on it! With that being said, I think that Uggs are the most comfortable boots that I own; they practically feel like you are walking on a bed of pillows. So if you are buying to be “in the trend” then don’t bother, but if you want a pair of boots that are comfortable and keep your toes warm during the winter then buy two pairs!

  4. To answer your question about Uggs…I personally think they are quite …um…uggly. However, I guess they’re functional. I live in Chicago and definitely gets cold. I just recently saw one of my co-workers wearing and shorter length Ugg and I actually liked them. I think I may grab some for the winter months. Have you seen them? Where can I get them?

  5. Uggs are most DEFINITELY not “in”. I don’t think they’re UGLY per se, but they stopped being fashionable like, 3 years ago. However, like everyone said before me, they ARE comfortable and extremely functional if you live in a cold climate.

    I think you can get away with wearing Uggs in a casual setting if you are younger (i.e. a college or high school student), but professional women should forego Uggs in favor of other types of winter boots. I would suggest getting flat leather riding boots or slouchy suede boots. They are both fashionable and just as warm and comfy as Uggs.

    Good luck staying toasty!

  6. You were dead on with Beyonce’s look! Great job! Love that Kenneth Cole Wool coat that you found similar to Alicia’s too.

    It’s funny that you ask the question about the Uggs because I was just thinking about getting some this morning. Every year around this time I say I will get some but I never do. I really want them to have as a basic to throw on to run errands and etc. I think they are cute and comfy and will never go out of style!

  7. I don’t care what nobody says about Uggs, I will continue to rock mine. They feel like heaven made in shoe form….

  8. Hey Ladies!

    Many thanks for all your comments & sUGGestions… I think they are very UGGly as well… but just like you were saying I wanted something comfortable to throw on when I was going to the store, etc… and especially with these Canadian winters I needed something extremely warm. So I headed across the border on Black Friday got to Lord & Taylor @ 6:30 am and had to nearly fight with all the other Canadian girls to get a size (they are $225 for the classic short up here!?!? CRAZY)… but I came out victorious and “ooowweeee” are they comfy, wow and so warm!

    Diamond, you can find them at Lord & Taylor or Nordstrom; $120 for Classic Short & $150 for Classic Tall.

    What do you Ladies sUGGest for protection or cleaning?

  9. I don’t think Uggs are necessarily “in” anymore as a trend, but I think they’ve merged their way into a fashionable society and they’re here to stay. They have a plethora of different styles, so you have to choices than just that ill-shaped boot.

    It’s raining in LA, so I’m thinking of purchasing a leather pair.

  10. I HATE Ugg boots with a passion, so I have nothing good to say regarding those. But I do think Rhianna looks pretty HOTT!!!!!!! Very curvy.

  11. I just ordered me some Uggs last week! They’ve been out for a couple of years and I always see people rocking them! It’s up to u if u want to rock them fashionably, I know I will! Do a post on the different ways females rock their Uggs, the real ones not the fake ones!

  12. i think for the most part, uggs started off as a trend, u’d see chicks wearing them in the summer (???), but in essence, they’re just very functional, especially for those of us that live in cold climates. to be honest, i think they’re much better looking than regular snow boots (although i will say, snow boots have come a long way in terms of fashion). overall, with uggs, you get more bang for your buck. that in itself makes it fashion-worthy.

  13. Lawd, let me never live anywhere that cold where I feel like I need to wear tall slippers in the street. The problem with Uggs is that the wearers I see tend to go crazy on the comfort factor and look like they just rolled up out of bed all over.

    Rihanna looks fabulous.

  14. California girls wear UGGs!! Love em, love em, love em! Marleaux said it best when saying, “they’ve merged their way into a fashionable society and they’re here to stay.” Don’t worry what others do, say or think- do you!

  15. I personally think that Uggs are cute. I love mine, I wear them all the time. They keep my feet warm and they are extremely comfortable. I will continue to wear them even when they are not in style because fashion is not about following trends, its about finding a wardrobe that compliments the type of person you are. Wear what you love and what makes you happy.

  16. I attend college in North Jersey and it gets very cold & I rock my UGGS for their functionality. They’re very practical, and although not very fashionable they are extremely comfortable. They’re something to just throw on. But I do have to say that they may not be a fashion item, however I don’t think it’s OK to walk around with boots that look exactly like UGGS but aren’t UGGS. Then it looks like they were bought for fashion purposes but you just couldn’t afford UGGS

  17. also, in reply to “Keenda” theres a cleaning kit that you can purchase, i think its like $30, but it’ll protect your $100+ boots so I think it’s worth it. It comes with a interior freshener for the inside fur to stay fresh, a cleaning spray for overall protection, another spot conditioner for direct stains, and a brush and eraser to keep the exterior looking kept (similar to the concept of the brush & eraser for Timberland boots). Mine were only $90 because I got them in a kids size and I still felt that it was necessary to get this kit.

  18. I take the Stacy London approach to Uggs: Comfort does not a fashionable boot make. I think those boots are uninspiring. There are dozens of other warm options. I rock Bean Boots in the winter, especially when it snows. They’re not for everyone, but isn’t it more fun to be comfortable and au courant without looking frumpy?

    I second nikki’s suggestions. Riding/slouchy boots are wonderful in the winter!

  19. Uggs are so comfortable that I don’t give a damn whether they are “in style” or not! These are the most comfortable pair of boots that I have ever owned. They are so comfortable that when I get home sometimes I find myself just sitting in them not wanting to take them off… so I went out and got the slippers($49, but hey it is worth every penny)

    Where them for comfort NOT style there is No Way you can be stylish in these things!

  20. I never liked Uggs, but do see the benefit of the “Snoogy Boot” in keeping your leggs and feet toasty.

    On a side note, they wore them on A Different World, which is pretty much how I judge acceptability, so I guess they’re good for their function…

  21. I never liked Uggs, but do see the benefit of the “Snoogy Boot” in keeping your leggs and feet toasty.

    On a side note, they wore them on A Different World, which is pretty much how I judge acceptability, so I guess they’re good for their function…

  22. I never liked Uggs, but do see the benefit of the “Snoogy Boot” in keeping your leggs and feet toasty.

    On a side note, they wore them on A Different World, which is pretty much how I judge acceptability, so I guess they’re good for their function…

  23. I never liked Uggs, but do see the benefit of the “Snoogy Boot” in keeping your leggs and feet toasty.

    On a side note, they wore them on A Different World, which is pretty much how I judge acceptability, so I guess they’re good for their function…

  24. Uggs are a disgrace! They look dirty too quickly and they look like bear paws on your feet. Not cute

  25. I like the dress Rihanna is wearing but is it me or is it too tight and puckering around the stomach area??

    As far as Uggs, I like them but at the same time I detest them. The price is a little high depending on the style but they are super warm and comfortable. They are slowly building their line with leather, sherling, gold tones, etc but I see people getting tired of them very soon.

    Diamond in Chicago get them at Nordstroms or go online to Victoria secret, they sell the short ones

    Keenda “Feelin’ Warm & Cozy—they sell protectant spraty online at uggs.com or Nordstroms


  26. Is it me or is Rihanna looking thickly?? I dont recall her being that thick in the back??? hmmm….

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