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Reader Latasha from Detroit, Michigan loved Eva Longoria’s dress:
She says, “It’s so cute! Any idea who made it???
Latasha, you have great taste! As soon as I saw that dress, I knew it was from Gucci’s Spring 2008 collection… of my favorites! The prints, bursts of yellow, and feminine silhouettes–to die for! Check out the rest of the Gucci Spring 2008 collection here. I love, love, love it.
Next, Anickia says, “Where can I find these boots!?!?!?

I love them want them, gotta have them!!!!”
I’m not exactly sure, but from the dagger like heel to the pointed platform toe box, I think those boots are Alexander McQueen. Take a look at a few detail shoe shots from his Fall 2007 collection:
I couldn’t find Lauren’s exact boots online, but you can come close with these $482 Alexander McQueen Boots
An anonymous reader fell in love with Rihanna’s shoes saying,”Could you please tell me the brand of shoes she’s wearing PLEASE!
“ alternative will do.
An alternative will have to do, and I found a pretty good one in these $79 Nine West Lucero Pumps
Get the rest of Rihanna’s look with the following:

Left to right: Acne Jeans Blended Top, $129,; Xhileration Red Bead Necklace, $17,; Nudie Jeans High Kai Skinny Jeans, $249,

Now for wardrobe queries:
Amber writes in with a pretty complicated request. She says, “My graduation is soon and they are very strict about what we can wear. It has to be a tea length or longer white dress, and it cannot be strapless, bare shoulders, spaghetti straps, or halter top! With all that, it still has to be somewhat formal. I’ve been looking and I cannot find anything, and I’m on a budget (I have to pay for college after this, lol), so can you possibly find me some ideas?
Talk about strict requirements!
I searched and could only find this Philosophy di Alberta Firetti dress to fit your style criteria…
…but at $459, I think it’s way out of your budget. Plus it’s not that cute.
Perhaps you can get around the rule by wearing a long dress that comes with its own shawl…
…like this $248 JS Collection Brocade Bodice Gown.
You can get really creative by simply buying a cute, long strapless gown, then wearing a cardigan or shrug to cover the whole ‘sleeve’ requirement:
Top Row: Sandy Starkman Smocked Dress, $149, Ruffle Cropped Cardigan, $49.50
Bottom Row: Signature Washed Linen Collection Long Bias Cut Dress, $69,; Women’s Shrug Cardigan, $24.50,
Throw some hot accessories in there to dress it up. Good luck!
Lastly, Jewel says, “I am attending a party this Sunday (yes, Easter Sunday). It will be an after-8pm affair, mix and mingle and the host requests that we all wear linen. Could you please suggest some items that scream: classy, fabulous, and sexy!
I hope I’m not too late!
Try these:

Top Row: Italian Textured Linen Corset Dress, $139,; Zebra Print Linen Dress, $100,
Bottom Row: Chambray Dress, $148,; Miss Me Puff Sleeve Dress in Silver, $101,
Think that does it for today. Happy Easter, Happy Weekends, ntc, et al!

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  1. FYI: The White Graduation Dress,
    I had to do the same when I graduated from high school. I ended up buying a vintage dress, since they were a little more demure back in the day but oh so fashionable. It worked! My dress was a smash hit that I still wear to this day!

  2. I hate when I am at the end of one of your posts, especially Fashion Bombs on Friday. But I do love reading your blog!

  3. I keep seeing these great leather jackets [real or not idk] in hot colors! where can i pick one up ?

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