For those who are yearning for our regular fare, we did solve a handful of Mail Bombs for ya!
First it seems everyone is going to Beyonce’s concert!

Beyonce in Concert

Sam from Miami says, “I’ll be attending Beyonce’s concert this summer and I have no idea what to wear and what kind of look I want to go for? Every time I go to shop I ask myself should I wear heels? Flats? Sneakers? Jeans? Pants? Cute girly top? Or a graphic tee? I’m so confused can you set me up with a look i can mimic for the concert?!”
Hey Sam! You should definitely go with flats and jeans, as you’ll most likely be standing up and dancing a lot of the night and you want to be comfortable! As for what you’ll wear on top, you can go for girly or graphic depending on your personality…but it’s Beyonce, so get some sparkle going!
Try these:

Jamaka says, “I am in DESPERATE need of these shoes or something similar!!! I cannot afford the Chanel version (obviously ), but I would love to have a pair of these!!! Can you please help me???!!!!!!!”


Adriana says, “No knockoffs that I could find just yet, but if a gun heel is what you’re craving, here are a couple of options way below Chanel price“:

Lastly, Necole says, “I need your help…so here goes! Ok, I bought some denim leggings from Aldo today and I need ideas on how to wear them. I gotta stop the impulse purchases LOL!”
Adriana says, “Congrats on the purchase! I’m a fan of leggings, and an even bigger fan of “classing them up” with bold flats, over-the-bum-tunics and tees, and smart boyfriend jackets. Here are some suggestions in that vein:”

That does it for today!
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  1. I’m going to the Beyonce concert too and was wondering what would work for the show as well. Thanks for the tips!

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