Happy Friday!!
Today is such a great day for me: I finally got my residency card!! Woo-hoo!
Let’s celebrate with Mail Bombs:


They’re always fun!

The Mowry Sisters were making waves this week, and our inboxes were flooded accordingly with requests for their red carpet looks.
First Sabrina says, “Tamera Mowry!! HAWT!!!


“I’m going to Vegas in a few months…and I love this dress!! Where can I get it??!!”

Adriana says, “Looks like Tamera’s wearing this Foley + Corinna dress:


“…Get it at Shopbop for $400.
Next, Kay says, “I love this dress on Tia Mowry:”


“…Can you help me find it?
Adriana found these similar options–add a necklace for the exact look:


1. Laundry by Shelli Segal Women’s Shirred Halter Gown, $147.50. 2. ABS Black Sateen V-Neck Halter, $235. 3. Tart Black Jersey Patti Tie Front Dress, $157. 4. Norma Kamali Black Jersey Halter Dress, $171.

Kyla says, “Ok so I’ve seen these Motorcycle Jackets on everyone but can’t seem to find one of my own! I’m in love with the one pictured here on Brooke from Harlem Heights…


” …Help please!!!”
Get a Harlem Heights look with these high and low priced choices:


1. Vince Lambskin Motorcycle Jacket, $750. 2. Rag and Bone Motorcycle Jacket, $560. 3. Express Nylon Motorcycle Jacket, $128.  4. Bebe Metallic Moto Jacket, $129.

Now for our wardrobe questions!

Robin writes, “My cousin is getting married in two weeks, and I’m kind of on a budget. I have a cute LBD (little black dress) that I wanted to wear, but I started to think, ‘Is it ok to wear an LBD to a wedding?’ If you could help me out I would greatly appreciate it, or give me some budget friendly suggestions.

Vuitton says, “There shouldn’t be a problem with you wearing an LBD to a wedding, as long as you bring some color into the ensemble. The best way to do it is with shoes, so we found some budget friendly options.”


1. Asos Cross Front Punch Shoe, $49. 2. Bakers Raegan 2, $60. 3. Satin Silk Criss Cross Front Heel, $24. 4. Steve Madden Gizella, $90.

But if you decide to go with a black shoe, another way to liven up your look is with a colored shawl, like this $24 Pash Like Scarf from Urban Outfitters:


Choose any color your like, and coordinate accordingly!

Lastly, Brittiny says, “I’m throwing a party for my Dad & the attire is white linen only. Here’s the problem: I’m not having any luck finding something to wear. Can you PLEASE help me find something that’s figure flattering (I’ve got plenty of curves) & party perfect?”

Sure! White linen dresses are usually flowy creations, but with your curves, you’re better suited with something a bit more structured. Try these:


1. Antonio Melani Quince Dress, $169. 2. French Connection Lancelot Dress, $188. 3. Pleated Swing Dress by Manoush, $490. 4. MK2K High Waist Sleeveless Dress in White, $204.

That does it for today!

I’m going to celebrate my new resident status with a coup de champagne!

Have amazing weekends. Until Monday…


3 thoughts on “Mail Bombs: Tamera Mowry’s Purple Foley + Corinna Dress, Tia’s Black Maxi Dress, and Brooke’s Motorcycle Jacket!”

  1. Thanks Vuitton for coming with some wallet friendly finds for those of us on student budgets.

  2. Hey, the jacket that Brooke is wearing is an urban outfitters jacket called Silence & Noise Motorcycle Jacket.

    It’s only $89 right now. I’m such a urban outfittters junkie

  3. Hey guys! That sweater/fur thingy that we were salivating over when Rihanna was out clubbing is by Undercover (Fall 2008 RTW)! However, as we all know, the cost is prohibitive for the bulk of us. I’m still looking for a cheap all-in-one alternative but I’m leaning towards a vintage fur capelets thrown over a cropped tie-neck cardigan (puff sleeve or not). Peace

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