It’s summertime…

summer Fashion Bomb

…and the living is easy!

Here at the Fashion Bomb we’ll be taking on a lighter load to bless the season. Of course we’ll have our daily updates, but we’ll be packing more fun into fewer posts. You’ll love it!

For today, we have summer ready Mail Bombs…let’s go!

First, Kristina says, “I saw a picture of Solange Knowles out with her son…”

Solange Knowles Julez

“…and I’m dying to know where I can find a shirt like the one she’s wearing. Please help!”

Adriana says, “Get the look of Solange’s kimono-style t-shirt with any of these options:”

Next, Tashia says, “I love Kim Kardashian’s blazer!”

Kim Kardashian Balmain

“…Where can I find it?”
Kim is wearing this Balmain Jacket from their Fall 2008 Collection:

Kim Kardashian Balmain

Find stores and more info at www.balmain.com.
Stacey says, “The Diana Ross top Zoe has on is sooo cute…”

Zoe Kravitz

“….Where can I get it?”
We searched and searched and couldn’t find the exact top! You can get a similar look, however, with the following:

Also check www.ebay.com for Diana Ross merch.

Now for just one wardrobe query!
Danica says, “I’m desperately seeking summer dresses and mid-rise heels or sandals!!! I would love to wear platform heels, but I will fall flat on my face wearing high heels. I don’t want low heels like First Lady Obama; yet, I can’t wear the high-high heeled shoes (3 1/4″+) that the likes of Beyonce or Ciara wear. In addition, I wear a size 16 and it seems as though all of the summer dresses are cut just above the knee. I absolutely hate my knees! Can you offer some below-the-knee or longer dress suggestions and fashionable mid-rise heels?”
Adriana says, “Danica, here are some mid-rise heel options, along with some below-the-knee dress selections!



That does it!
Now go enjoy the sunshine!


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