Sex and the City is in theaters today…do you have your ticket??
Even though I saw it last night, I think I might go again with my girlfriends!
In celebration, I’m going to answer a few Sex and the City queries.
Let’s get started!
Tawanda from Greenville, North Carolina writes, “Carrie Bradshaw wears these Christian Dior sandals in the Sex & the City Movie.”
Where can I find a similar pair for less?
Girl, I loved those shoes!!
Thankfully intern Aramide stepped in and found the following lower priced options:
1. Bakers Shoes Gladys WP Sandals, $74. 2. Bakers Shoes Candice Sandal, $65. 3. ASOS Heavy Gladiator Sandals, $120. 4. Steve Madden Madalynn Black Multi Sandal, $110.
Note: Of course the Steve Madden ones are already backordered till June 24th…!
Next Bambi wanted to recreate this lovely look…

She says, “When I saw this picture, I knew I had to have it. Please please please tell me how I can get it!
It is super cute (and great for the office!). Get her look for less with these:
1. Asos Safari Waistcoat, $61. 2. Asos Chambray Bow Mini Skirt, $51. 3.  Spiegel Criss Cross Strap Sandal, $15.  4. L.A.M.B.  Dominic Striped Sandal, $320.  5. Kenneth Cole New York Keyhole Tote, $239. 
A few readers got in touch with requests from the actual series.  RC says, “I’ve been looking for a skirt similar to this can you help me at all please.
“I absolutely love how it fits and it is a necessity and I must have it.”
It’s been a while since Carrie wore this on the show, so the exact silhouettes are hard to find. You can get a similar look, however, with these:
1. J.Crew Stripe Twisted Placket Shirt, $60. 2. Max Mara Skirt, $209. 3. Urban Outfitters Straw Clutch, $28.
In another throwback question, Anisha says, “I loved her accessories in this picture!
Can you help me get her look?
Channel a city cute Carrie with these:
1. Disney Couture Bambi Hoops, $40. 2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Blue Floral Dress, $178. 3. Enamel Heart Necklace with Crystals, $75.4. Banana Republic Flat Iron Embossed Shoulder Bag, $125. 
That does it for SATC Mail Bombs!
We had just a couple non Sex and the City related questions.
Edrei says, “I MUST have this jumper.
“...Any idea where I can find something similar?
Adriana searched and found these:
1. Sea Pleated Front Strapless Jumper, $393. 2. Asos Shirred Cotton Jumpsuit, $48. 3. Asos Lurex All in One Harem Jumper, $61.
Lastly, Sally says, “So I was doing my usual blog browsing last night and I saw this bag Beyonce was rocking. VERY HOT!
If you know me then you would know that I adore handbags. If you can find something similar, you’ll put a smile on my face.
I felt this $55 Kathy Van Zeeland Satchel came close…
…get it from www.macys.com.
That does it for today! Have great fun. And tell me what you thought of the movie!

8 thoughts on “Mail Bombs + Sex and the City!!!”

  1. the mail bomb did very well today…the pieces that you guys found were sooooooo close to the exact article ppl were asking about. good job…and i think it should be a national girls night out tonite with the movie.

  2. hey girl. i love your blog. its one of my to do things everyday. lol. i recently just set mine up check it out

  3. I loved the movie..Do you know where I can get the Louis Vitton bag that Carrie gave to Louise (Jhud) as a gift in the movie…!!!!That bag was gorgeous

  4. hey! i ljust stumbled across this blog and i love it. i would like to be added to ur blogroll.

  5. I just bought the Candice sandals from Baker’s today in brown!! They are fierce!!! They are selling out fast! Girls get a move on!!

  6. I reeeeally want a better match to the jumpsuit that Amerie has on. I really prefer the fit of the one she has on

  7. I thought the matches were great! Anonymous, if you want something better, call Amerie, maybe she can help you.

  8. Nasty, aren’t we? I Liked how the jumpsuit draped on amerie’s leg. It kind of has a genie look to it. That was actually my fave part of it. I don’t know about calling Amerie but if anyone does know who the designer is please share :) Amerie has been in Europe alot lately so it may be a british designer…

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