Happy Friday!

So, you might notice a new change!
You guys know I love to switch it up every few months, I mean look at all our old headers:


Who was around for the very first Brown and Pink banner (starring my patent red Kenneth Coles)? Any vets in the house??
Well, we may change the background, but we’ll never change Friday Mail Bombs!
Let’s get it!

First Chanel says, “I love this look Rih is wearing, but I can’t find the cardigan or shorts anywhere!”

Rihanna Striped Sweater

“…Can you help me find something similar?

Adriana says, “Recreate Rih’s cutoffs and cardi pieces with any of these options:”

Chanel also had a question about Halle Berry’s jeans:

Halle Berry Family Fair

We weren’t sure of the exact make of Halle’s denim, but you can get a similar look with these boyfriend cuts:

Kayla from Minneapolis loved the print dress Estelle wore to the Annual Party in the Garden at the MOMA in New York:

Estelle Alexander McQueen

She says, “Who makes it?”
Estelle is wearing this $1,695 Printed Drape front Dress by Alexander McQueen:

Estelle Alexander McQueen

Get it at www.saks.com.

Now for some wardrobe queries!

UK reader Lola says, “I go to a British School and everyone has to wear a school uniform. I’m always looking for ways to be different and I was hoping you could tell me where I could get some funky backpacks?

Adriana found these:

Here are a few distinctly British options:

Lastly, Shashana says, “I’m attending a graduation. Can you please help me find an inexpensive dress to wear? And can you make it single mom affordable please!! I’m talking Forever 21, H&M affordable LOL!!”
Add a cute cardigan or jacket to any of these $50 or less dress options for a cute graduation look:

Also, check out our 100 summer dresses under $150 for more ideas!
I’m off to grab a verre by Etienne Marcel. It’s a long weekend (again). I smell a picnic coming on!
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