It is snowy and gorgeous here in Paris.
I’m staying inside with some warm mint tea and solving some Mail Bombs!
Let’s go:
First up, Bethany says, “I’m sorry, I love Rihanna’s faux fur hat!”

“Where can I get something like it?”

Get Rihanna’s winter ready look with this Faux Fox Fur Trapper Hat from Express:

It’s $40 at

Kizzie says, “I am celebrating my birthday soon. I like the lace dress Nicki Minaj had on in one of your posts…”
Nicki Minaj Fashion Style
“…I am on a budget. Thanks I need your help!”
We found these options to offer you a Minaj essence:

Vert says, “Bubble coats can be so boring and square, so PLEASE PLEASE help me! I was wondering where I would be able to find a similar jacket like this one….”

“It’s so cute!”
Yes it is! Gone are the days where down coat is synonymous with marshmallow! Brands like Mackage, Moncler, Michael Kors, and more have tons of cute options for any price range:

Lastly, Whitney says, “So I’ve been looking for a hot NYE dress and ran across this!”
“Too hot! So I’m trying to figure out how to accessorize it just right. A little help please? Thanks!”
Take a cue from Kim Kardashian who accented a very similar dress with a statement necklace, black pumps, and a black satin clutch.
You don’t want to take too much away from the cute design of the dress–let it stand on it’s own while simply playing up its scoop neckline:

That’s it for today!
Stay tuned for more ‘Best of 2009’, Style Inspirations, and more!

8 thoughts on “Mail Bombs : Rihanna’s Faux Fur Hat, Nicki Minaj’s Lace Dress, and Chic Bubble Coats!”

  1. I have a lace dress similar to Nicki’s, I purchased it from Wet Seal. I don’t think they currently have it in stock, but you should check out the website every now and then to see if they’re selling it again.

  2. I’ve been looking for a lace mini dress for awhile and Nicki Minaj gave me an idea what I wanted but I couldn’t find it. Thanks to you Claire i now have the perfect New Year’s Eve dress!

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