Hey guys!
So my vacation is officially ON and I’m ready to catch up with my peeps! Mail Bombs will be short but sweet:)
First, Nikki says, “Rihanna’s shoes in this pic are the BUSINESS!”

Rihanna Azzedina Alaia Embellished Sandals

“Can you please tell me who designed them?
According to Natasha of the YBF, Rih Rih is rocking a pair of Azzedine Alaia $1,943 Python Bell sandals:

Azzedine Alaia Python Sandals with Bells Rihanna

If you need Rihanna’s total look for less, check out my post about her on AOL Black Voices!

Next, Silvia says, “Have you seen Mary J. Blige in this new AT&T commercial?

Mary J Blige AT & T Commercial

“She has a gorgeous grey shawl at the end which converts to a hood. Do you have any idea who the designer is, or if anyone else is making something similar?”
What a cute commercial! Not sure of who the exact designer is, but you can get Mary’s look with this $168 Juicy Couture Oversized Wrap Cardigan:

Juicy Couture Gray Wrap Cardigan Mary J Blige

The ribbed shawl collar can be pulled up into a hood for a similar MJB steeze.

Leah says, “I’m feeling this jumper Fergie is wearing in this pic!”

Fergie Boxing Kitten

“…The bold prints & colors make it pop and it’s different from a lot of jumpers I’ve seen. Who makes it?

Fergie is rocking a romper by Fashion Bomb friend, Boxing Kitten:

Boxing kitten

Pieces range in price from $75-$275. Visit www.boxingkitten.com for more info (and read this vintage FB post about the brand here).

Now for a few wardrobe queries!

Leona says, “My BFF is getting married in September and all of us bridesmaids need to wear black dresses. I hadn’t found one I love… until I peeped Emma Watson’s Harry Potter London Premiere dress! “

Emma Watson Harry Potter London Premiere

“..Its a vintage Ozzie Clark dress that is bad to the bone… and way out of my price league!! Could you help me find a similar style in a basic black? The wedding pics will thank you!!”
Adriana found this option for your big day:

Ashley says, “Help! I bought these shorts for my Birthday party…”

Hot Pants

“…Please help me assemble some party looks that work well with the shorts!”
Vuitton says, “I pieced together a look for you that will make those shorts pop–hope you like it!”

Lastly, Cindy says, “I am a 20 year old Nursing student (only one more year left aoowwwwwwwwww!). I consider myself a rather fashionable sort, but as a college student, I have to find ways to be fabulous on a budget. Most of the time I can work it out, but one particular item has managed to elude me : open toe booties. I looooove these kind of shoes, but I can’t seem to find any that are in my budget, ($50 bucks and below- – especially below!) Could you please use your sleuthing skills to help me out?

Hey Cindy! We, too, had a bit of trouble finding cute open toes booties under $50! We found plenty of options under $100…if you’re willing to spend about $5-$30 more, you can get the look:

I’m off to max and relax. Have amazing weekends, we’ll see you on Monday.


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  1. I love the ribbed shawl collar. It looks so comfortable and would be nice and warm with the fall rolling around. It also is a great casual look that gives a different style.

  2. I would like to know about the gorgeous ruffled maxi dress Mary J Blige is wearing in the ATT commercial.

  3. Hi, I’m trying to find that Super Baddd!!! Maxi Dress Mary J. Blige is wearing in the AT and T commercial. I love that dress. Do you know where I can get it? Shaun

  4. To: Lisa says:
    September 16, 2009 at 9:43 pm

    I csn not find the hooded sweater on Newport News with the link you posted. Please, please, please post the direct link to the sweater. Thanks and I’m sure we all will appreciate it…

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