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So last night was Beaujolais Nouveau night in Paris, which meant lots and lots of wine tastings all over the city! I stayed out a tad too late, but am back in fighting form to solve some Mail Bombs!
Let’s Go!
First up, Mikiko says, “Who makes Rihanna’s bag?”

Rihanna Party Look

“…I love the tassel!”
Rihanna accented her Mark Fast dress with a Louis Vuitton bag from their Spring 2010 collection:

Rihanna Louis Vuitton Handbag

Since the bag is literally fresh off the runway, Rihanna most likely got a special little hook up (hey, she’s Rih Rih!). The rest of us will have to wait for it to hit stores. Check out www.louisvuitton.com for locations.

In another Rihanna Mail Bomb, Santana-Marie from Michigan says, “I LOVE this Sweat shirt dress Rihanna is wearing:”


“…I know it’s by Marc Jacobs but it’s way too expensive for me! Can you please find me something similar… Thanks!”
Totally understand–Marc Jacobs dresses can run in the thousands! We found an option that is slightly more affordable at $184 and a few splurgeworthy accessories to complete the look:

Whitney says, “Cassie looks amazing in this outfit, but that jacket is the star!”

Cassie Leather Jacket

“…Do you know who it’s by and if there are any reasonably priced alternatives?”

It looks like Cassie might be wearing a Rick Owens leather creation:

Rick Owens is known for his fantastically fashionable jackets and blazers, but they are true investments. It’s hard to get the look for much less, but you can come close with these:

Lastly, in a wardrobe query Lauren says, “My boyfriend has these Supras:”


“…But he doesn’t wear them because he doesn’t have anything “olive and orange” to wear with them. I don’t want him to look matchy-matchy a la Lance Gross. Please help me find something else that goes with them! Not too pricey please!!!”
Hey Lauren! Guys and girls should know the score: If you have a statement shoe, keep your outfit simple so your shoes can stand out. For these I’d say he can get away with a simple white tee or cream sweater with a khaki jacket and jeans. If he wants to capture a bit of the color of his sneakers, his jacket or t-shirt, for example, can have a touch of color that corresponds to the shoes. With these, your guy can even jump on the camo jacket trend since the pattern will pick up on a bit of the shoe’s olive color. A few suggestions:

That does it for today!
Have fabulous weekends.

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  1. Whitney, maybe you could bye a longer leather and have it altered, because the drama is coming from the hem. You may be able to thift a good leather. Just a thought.

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