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So last week, as you know, The Fashion Bomb was having technical issues that didn’t allow for regular Mail Bombs. This time around I put my foot in it and solved as many MB’s as I could. Let’s go!

First up, Ololade says, “I recently came across this old Rihanna picture and thought this look would be absolutely perfect for a party I’m attending.”

Rihanna J Brand Bustier

“…  I already have the J Brand Thrashers, but I need help finding this top and/or more recession-friendly options.”

We got you! Get Rihanna’s Corset look with these affordable picks:

Alicia says, “I love the dress that Raven Symoné wore recently.”

Raven Symone Black Halo Dress

“… Do you know where she got it from/who it is by?”
Yup! Raven is wearing the uber popular Jackie O Dress by Black Halo:

The dress is a favorite of Tyra Banks, and you can get it in various colors for $207 on sale or $345 full price. It’s quite a splurge, but it’s definitely something you can wear to a job interview, cocktail party, or date! And between you and me, I have a friend who buys all her Black Halo on Ebay for a steal. Try it out!

Penne says, “I’m in need of some very cute sweatpants. The pair Amber has on would be perfect.”

Amber Rose Sweatpants

“…Do you have any idea where I can get them or some similar??”

We can do you one better and find her whole look for you!

Now for some Wardrobe Queries!

Virgelia says, ” I woke up one morning and I was craving something. Not pop-tarts, not pancakes, or Cap’n Crunch. I was craving black high-waist skinny jeans. I went to the mall and to a few online stores and found nothing. Please point me in the right direction plz!!!!! I’d so appreciate it. I need these skinnies in my life!!!!!!!!!
Wow a craving that tops Cap’n Crunch is serious! We found these fun options for you at several price points:

Cherise says, “I’m on the planning committee for a fundraiser that’s happening in 2 weeks and I need your help! I recently purchased this vintage Victor Costa highwaisted skirt with beautiful ‘lace like’ detailing and I have no idea what top to wear with it.”

Lace Skirt

“…I need your expertise. Shoe and accessory suggestions would also be appreciated.”

Sure thing! Since you’re on the planning committee, I would opt for a neutral ivory top in a fabulous fabric like satin or silk. Show off your personality with fun shoes and a colorful clutch:

And lastly Jasmin says, “I’m looking for some hot pink pumps I can wear with my new black sequin tee dress. Budget friendly please =).”
Of course! Look hot in these options:

I’m off to run a million errands. I’ll be back in the afternoon with more fashion news, celeb style, and bombshell goodness!

6 thoughts on “Mail Bombs : Rihanna Inspired Bustiers, Amber’s Casual Look, and Raven Symoné’s Black Halo Dress!”

  1. You should be a stylist! Great picks. Love Amber Rose’s look and I am not a fan of sneakers, but she makes me want to go get a pair. Oh and thank you for pointing out Raven is wearing a Black Halo dress (which has been around forever) and not Roland Mouret.. I saw that on a popular gossip blog. All that money and you would think they could afford a fashion blogger or at least a fact checker. smh…

  2. I love the Black Halo Jackie O dress that Raven Symone is wearing. It really shows off her new figure and I can use a dress like that in my closet. I’m have curves and it’s a great dress to show them off.

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