Hey Guys!

Fashion Week means tons of show reviews, so we decided to go back to the traditional Mail Bombs format for today!
Thankfully we have a lot stored up…let’s go!
First up, Kyla says, “Any idea where I can get a leather jacket like the one Nicole is wearing here?”

“…Maybe even in black? “
Yup! We found these options for you at multiple price points:

Reader Antoinette from Toronto was cruising over at Concrete Loop and saw this cute picture of Kim Kardashian:

She says, “I need help finding these shoes Kim K is wearing….on the inexpensive side if you can!”
A quick search found that the forever stylish Kim is wearing a pair of $284 LAMB Zea sandals:

If $280 on cute shoes is a bit much for you, get a similar look with a couple of lower priced alternatives:

Next, Whitney says, “Amber’s shoes. I need them in my life!”

“… Or at least something similar!”
We found a few alternatives to Amber’s open toe boots, including a pair of Luichiny’s for $60:

Now for some wardrobe queries!
Law school student Karen says, “One of my friends is on a sartorial quest for something in particular: over-the-knee, purple leather boots. She’s been able to find over-the-knee boots, just not in purple. They sound super-fierce to me! Any suggestions where we could find such a boot? Also, we’re law students, so something moderately priced would be greatly appreciated!”
You came to the right place! We found you a couple options: Steve Madden’s purple suede Xennon boots for about $150, and Christian Louboutin’s stunners for 10 times as much. My money’s on the Madden’s, purchase below:

Lastly, Lesleigh says, “I am 6′ tall and have difficulty finding jeans that are long enough. I need help finding skinny jeans with a 36” inseam. Please help!”
Sure thing! In addition to the options I found you below from Topshop, Banana Republic, and Forever 21, you should also look at websites likes PZI Jeans, Rock & Republic, and Skinny Jeans:

That does it for today! Stay tuned throughout the weekend for show reviews and scenes from NY Fashion Week!


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