Hey, hey, it’s Friday! Do the weeks seem longer now that it’s warm out???
Anyway, I’ve got some mail bombs…

…plus a contest for those queries I couldn’t figure out.
Let’s get to it:
Reader Tavoya says:
“I know you covered Halle’s black peep-toe Mary Janes…

…but I’m in love with the green ones…

…My student budget is quite obviously not conducive to a $700 shoe purchase. Do you know of any other shoes that closely resemble them but are a more reasonable price?”
Doing a quick search, I found shoes that came close.
If you want to stick to the ‘Green Mary Jane’ rule, Charles David makes this pair…

…for $219 at zappos.com
If you’re more enticed by the ‘green patent’ aspect of the shoe, these D&G Dolce & Gabbana Patent Leather Peep-Toe Pumps

..are $395 at www.eluxury.com. Still out of your price range? These Lusta Cover Pumps

are a more affordable $99.95 at www.stevemadden.com.
Good Luck!
Next up, reader Renee from North Carolina says:
I love the spring dresses that I’m seeing everywhere but I’m having a hard time finding some that don’t look like a big sack on me. I’m petite (5’3”) and I’m slender but curvy with hips and thighs. The other problem is that I feel like some of the patterns on the dresses are a little overwhelming for me. Do you have any advice for us shorties that want to rock a cute patterned non-sacklike dress?

Renee, you can definitely rock the spring frocks with purpose if you dress to flatter your figure. If you’re curvy, look for dresses that cinch in at the waist to show off your shape. Being on the petite side, you should stick to small patterns that won’t overwhelm your frame. And the shorter your hem, the more leggy (read taller) you’ll look. A few suggestions:

This $220 Alice & Olivia Polka Dot Poof Dress would work for you. The small pattern matches your stature, and the empire waist is great for hourglass figures. Plus it’s a great length: wear it with heels and you’ll look long and lean. Get it at shopbop.com
Next, this Alyssa Dress from Forever 21…

…would be a good choice. The belt will cinch in your waist and flaunt your curves. And what do you have to lose? It’s only $19.80!
Lastly this $158 BCBG Printed Jersey Halter Dress from www.macys.com

… shows the perfect amount of skin, and again, ties at the waist. Throw on some stilettos or wedges for a boost and you’ll be spring ready.
Now for the contest.
A few reader questions have had me stumped for weeks, so I’m turning the power to you. And I’ve got some good prizes this time!
The Essence music festival is taking place in New Orleans from July 5th-7th…

…and in celebration, Essence wants to send The Fashion Bomb contest winners music from featured festival artists. Sound fun? Let’s go:
Reader Linda says:
“I am searching for this fringe trimmed dress that the girl in Ne-yo’s new video “Because of You” is wearing…

…You can’t miss it. It is golden colored and the girl plays Ne-yo’s girlfriend. I just watch the video for that dress! I would really appreciate your help in this search.”
Can you help Linda? If you find the maker of the dress (or a close approximation), you’ll receive Ne-yo’s new CD…

“Because of You.”
Next up reader Jawelle says:
I would like to know if you can tell me where I can get the silver platform pumps that Solange wore in the Get Me Bodied Video…

or a pair that is very close. Can you help?” Whoever cracks the case will get Beyonce’s CD…

And lastly, Aja from Chicago asks:
“Who are these sandals by?”

The winner of this one gets Ciara’s new “Evolution” CD.

What can I say? Not quite Amerie but close (perhaps better?):)
Anyway e-mail me at [email protected] with your guesses. And don’t worry about exact answers. If you get close, it’s just as good.
PS Fashion blogger StyleChile had the wonderful opportunity to meet Barack Obama (and Gayle King, Phylicia Rashad, and Iman) at a recent event! I’m jealous! Anyway, check out her post here.
PSS Have wonderful weekends!

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  1. God I don’t know where those shoes came from but I sure love the video darling! It was even my first blog entry! Love the blog by the way, so lovely


  2. Solange has the exact same shoes as Beyonce (just in silver). They might be Christian Louboutin or Balenciaga, maybe even Versace.


  3. gojane.com also has some green peep toes. I can’t remember whether they’re MJs or not, but they’re only about $20, which was closer to my student budget :)

  4. Gosh. I’m looking for that same dress in Neyo’s video. I also saw that same dress in an ad. Not sure which one.

  5. I have also been looking for this dress! I have searched all over the internet. That dress is beautiful, I have to have it! Please let me know where to find it!

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