Friday calls for lots and lots of Mail Bombs:


Let’s get it crackin!

First, several Bombshells were curious about the top Michelle Obama wore to a Poetry night a few days ago at the White House:


Beverly said, “Can you please tell me where I can get it?” and Nicki asked, “Who makes it??
Adriana found that Lady O. is rocking a top from Basso & Brooke’s Spring 2009 RTW collection. Take a look at a dress from the line:


Thankfully Basso & Brooke have a website! Inquire about the top at

Next Denise had a question about Rihanna’s outfit from the Third Annual OKMS gala:


She says, “Where can I get it?”
Rihanna is wearing a look from Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2009 line:


Her outfit down to her boots, necklace, and bag are all LV. Go to for stores.

In a Male Mail Bomb, Vanessa said, “I have upcoming nuptials and I have been in search of the perfect ties for the groomsmen. I recently saw Rick Ross’ new video for “All I Really Want Is You” ft. Dream and his silk tie is PERFECT.”


“… It has all of the colors my bridesmaids are wearing and I must have it!
Adriana and I searched and searched and couldn’t find the exact tie (we’re guessing it was an exclusive). We, however, found a handful of colorful ties that might work for your big day:

Now for some wardrobe queries!
Jaida says, “My 21st birthday is next week (May 21st) and I have NO idea what I want to wear! I wanted to be springy and get a little dressy since I never dress up, but I really want to make it special. HELP ME PLEASE! P.S. I’m plus size (XXL, 2X, size 16)”

Happy early Birthday, Jaida! Celebrate in these party perfect options that come in sizes 16 and up:

Lastly, Pia says, “I am graduating on the 23rd and am at my wits end! I will be wearing this David Meister Colorblock strapless dress…”


“..But I can’t find a shoe to save my life and I’m pretty unsure what would look nice with it! Can you help me? I am a surely a fashionista on a budget but am willing to splurge!”
Cute dress! Since you have so many great colors to work with, your options are pretty much endless. Go with a cool metallic or pick up the camel, pink, or blue in the dress for a spring ready look:

That does it for today!
Have amazing weekends and check back in soon for a contest and and fun giveaways!