Happy Friday, Bombshells!
While I’m sure a lot of you are already gone for the holidays, we’d figure we’d squeeze out just one more post before taking a break. Let’s make these quick!
First up, Jennifer says, “I saw these sunglasses and earrings on Lala Vazquez Anthony and thought, OMG I HAVE TO HAVE THEM!”

“… Where can I get them or at least something similar?”
Lala stepped out with cutie Kiyan in a pair of $5,070 Sterling silver and 14kt gold pave diamond oval earrings by Loren Jewels (Lala’s buddy Kim Kardashian designs for Loren Jewels, so she might’ve gotten a hook up):

Unless sunglasses are super different, they’re difficult to identify. Get a similar look with these:

Next, Lauren says, “I saw this pic of Emily B. and Adrienne Bailon at the official NYC launch of OR-G Vodka, and I fell in love with Emily’s dress!”

“…Who makes it?”
According to the blog Style me Prissy, Emily was rocking a super affordable $50 ASOS Bodycon Dress in Cutwork Lattice:

I actually chatted with Emily at the OR-G launch…

…and it seems she loves to shop it up at ASOS. If you’re ever searching for her outfits from Love & Hip Hop, look there first!
Catelin writes, “I’m crazy in love with the dress that Mya wore to her 32nd B-day…”

“… Where is it from? … Can I get a look for less?”
No need for a look for less! Mya celebrated the big 3-2 in this $90 Visibly Jess dress by LV23:

It seems Mya’s exact color is sold out, though you can get the dress in pink/orange or purple/orange colorways here.

Chantel says, “I’m aware you may not know where I can get this exact top, but do you have any ideas where I can buy a top similar to Trina’s for my birthday celebration?”

Gold sequined tops are never hard to find! Try your hand with these pieces:

In a wardrobe query, Afrikka says, “I’m a long time reader and I need your help. I’m looking for gold heels without glitter I would just love if they didn’t have a peep toe…but anything would be helpful!”
Yep! Try these on for size:

Paris says, “Can you tell me what I could wear with these Timberlands?”

“… I’m 16 and I really like Cassie’s look on Roll Up video where she’s rocking them timbos! It’s my friends party in a club next week, I would really love if you could help me & send photo of what I could wear it with.”
Ah, to be 16 and going to clubs in Timberlands:) I’d suggest wearing a pair of fitted jeans (maybe even ripped) with an off the shoulder top. Go for a cropped top if you have the body for it, or a regular length will do:

Play up the look with a bad bag, bold jewelry, and popping makeup.
Be further inspired by these celebs and former Fashion Bombshells:

And we’re ending this week’s Mail Bombs with a few unsolved mysteries.
Nickia says, “I recently spotted this FAB coat that Monica is wearing on Essence.com and have had no luck finding it. I love it so!”

“…Would you please help me hunt down the designer?”
We love it, too, but we’ve searched and searched to no avail. If one of you knows, leave a comment!
Lastly, Ahsile says, “Please tell me Chrissy Lampkin’s gold leaf earrings are from.”

“… I’m in love!!”
The closest we could find to Chrissy’s cute jewels were these $148 Wendy Mink “Inca Voyage” Cutout Leaf Earrings:

Close, but not quite, I know. If you know the exact designer, leave a comment for Ahsile!
That does it for today. Have safe and happy holidays and check back in next week for even more Fashion Bomb fun.


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