Fridays are always busy for me, as I’m running to speak on a panel downtown.
I’m off to practice my speaking points, but first, let’s solve some Mail Bombs!
Monique says, “I love this look Kim Kardashian is sporting.”

“…How and where can I achieve a similar look? I really adore the way the dress and belt displays her physique. It’s subtle but quite sexy.”
I knew we couldn’t go too long without a Kim Kardashian mail bomb…! KK slipped on a white tank along with a $495 Rachel Zoe Vanessa Silk Maxi Skirt and $695 Giuseppe Zanotti Cork Wedge Sandals for her stop at LAX. Get her look for a splurge here:

Or for a steal with these:

We’re doing a 2 for 1 special with Kim Kardashian Mail Bombs! Doreen asks, “I am so in love with this dark blue blazer type jacket.”

“… Can you please please find something similar for me? And also what sunglasses do you think she is wearing?”
Not sure, but you can get a similar look with these:

Summer writes, “Who and where can I find the black and white dress Christina Milian had on pumping gas from This Week in Chic?”

According to our sources, Christina was rocking with BCBG, though we couldn’t find her dress online. Until it materializes, hopefully these striped frocks can hold you over:

Dalrene says, “I so love the sheer top Christine Teigen is wearing.”

“Can you help me find something similar?”
Yep! Get the look with any of these sheer white tunics:

In a wardrobe query, Azaria from Wisconsin writes, “So my boyfriend bought me these shoes and I’m dying to wear them when the weather permits, but not exactly sure what would go nice with them.”

“Please help!”
I’d play up the shoe’s preppy, menswear inspired style with skinny dark straight legged jeans, a button down, and a blazer that picks up on the pink sole:

What do you guys think?

Lastly, Dennitra asks, “As you know Valentine’s day is around the corner, I’m stuck in a rut! My boyfriend is taking me out, but he won’t tell me where! Also I’m 5’5 he’s about 5’6 I want to wear heels. But I’m not trying to look foolish….. We just started dating BTW. Help!!!!!”
Don’t want to tower over your new boo? You can still look cute with a fly kitten heel. Take a cue from Michelle Obama and slip these puppies on:

I know they’re a splurge, but I live for these Valentino Rockstud Kitten Heels.

At any rate, that does it for today!
Stay tuned for a Bombshell and a Fashion Discussion. You won’t want to miss it!


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