Happy Friday!


Let’s get started!
First, Julia says, “I absolutely love this Herve Leger swimsuit Beyonce wears for the cover of LA Confidential:”


“Can you tell me how can I get this look or something similar?”

Adriana says, “Beyonce’s Herve Leger Spring 2009 Banded Maillot One-Piece doesn’t appear to be in stores yet and is not available on the Herve Leger web site. Get a similar look with these options:”

Next, Candace says, “This purple leather mini dress KeKe Palmer is wearing at the Kid’s Choice Awards has my name on it!


“Who designs it?
Adriana found that Keke is wearing a dress from the Spring 2009 collection of Norwegian designer Elise Overland. We couldn’t find the exact dress, but Overland is known for her leather work:


Find Elise Overland creations at stores like Blue Genes (yes the fave of the Real Housewives of ATL!) and Funky La La.

Kristy says, “I must know what Vanessa Hudgens is wearing:”


“I love the spring-ish look! Please.. especially the ankle boots.. hot!”
Get her shopping look with these items:

Now for our wardrobe queries!

First Red Carpet Cheetah says, “I recently had a keloid removed and now have to wear clip on earrings. Can you please help me find cute clip ons??
I know how you feel, I had a keloid too! When I was 16 I took my friend up on an offer to pierce a second ear hole and voila, years of horror. Fortunately I can still wear earrings, but if you want some cute clip ons, try these options:

Dinah-K says, “I’m about to graduate in a month and we have an annual senior gala at my university. I am in dire need of an evening gown! I have searched but nothing has really popped for me. I am looking for something bright yet elegant that works for an hourglass size 10 figure. My budget is $200! Thanks so much.”
Try these elegant under $200 options in bright colors like orange, purple, and green:

Lastly, Hopeless in Florida“I’m going to a formal next week! I already brought a royal blue cocktail dress:”


“The problem is I don’t know what color shoes to wear. I saw these:”


“…And fell in love! What do you think! Would it be too bold? Help!”
I actually think you can go with either the nude/blue or grey/yellow combination for a stand out look. If you’re hesitant and want a few more shoe options (without going the typical black or metallic route), try these alternatives:

That does it for today.
Have splendiforous weekends, and stay tuned next week for a Fashion Bomb exclusive interview and prize giveaways!!