Hey Bombshells!
Last night I attended a fabulous dinner party, and stayed out a bit too late! Thankfully no work today, so I can handle just a handful of these Mail Bombs!
First, Karyn says, “I really love this dress that Hazel-E is wearing.”


“… I am going to a holiday party next month and would love to get a LBD similar to this look. Can you help me?”
Yup! We did a quick search and found these options, all under $150:

Emily says, “I’m trying to find out where I can purchase the outfit Alicia Keys wore at the American Music Awards during her performance….”

Alicia Keys American Music Awards

“… Can you help?”
Sure! Get Alicia’s performance steeze with these hot separates:

In a wardrobe query Randal says, “I’m going to a winter wedding (mid January) in the Chicago area and I’m clueless. I want to be cute and WARM! I’m also a medical student so my budget is tight!!”
For a winter wedding, explore options with long sleeves that are colorful enough for the celebration. We found you the following affordable options:

Ella says, “I would love to find a short sleeve wool coat, preferably in a warm color with a defined waist like this:”


“I’m looking for something affordable (like less than a few hundred bucks). I think the roomy sleeves would look great over chunky sweaters or even longer gloves. Any ideas?”
Sure thing! Show off those long gloves with these short sleeved beauts under $150:

Lastly, Joelle says, ” I am preparing for a birthday in a few weeks (Fri Dec 11th). I am not an unstylish girl, just a girl who has expensive taste and doesn’t care to do much shopping… eeps … I know… :-/”


“My question is, do you know of any stores that are selling long sleeve dresses that would be appropriate for a “Princess” birthday? Or do you have any suggestions for an outfit!?! I am rounding up tons of my girlfriends (about 20) to go watch “The Princess and the Frog” movie that night. I would love to look girly yet chic with a tiara on that doesn’t look out of place in this urban jungle of NYC!!”
Happy Early Birthday! I found some empire waist, tiered, and pink long sleeved numbers for your Princess inspired outing:

That does it!
If you’re enjoying Black Friday Sales, don’t hurt ’em!
Also, be sure to check out the online deals here.

5 thoughts on “Mail Bombs: Hazel-E’s Black Lace Dress, Alicia Keys’ American Music Awards Performance Look, and What to Wear to a Winter Wedding!”

  1. Oh my gosh, that’s so funny! My birthday falls on December 11th, and I’m also having a Princess Party and making all my friends go see “The Princess and the Frog” with me because I love Disney, and I’m excited to see Disney history! Great mail bombs, thanks Claire!

  2. Happy Birthday Ariel!!! Thank You for the incite!! I am lovin each outfit!!! xoxo Rock on Sagi’s!!! ;-)

  3. I’ve been looking for a black lace mini dress for a bit now. BY FAR the best one I’ve seen is from ASOS (a UK clothing site). It’s not too pricey either- only $60. But right now my size is sold out :(

    The next runner up is a long-sleeve version on Top Shop (Cate Moss’ clothing site). I think that on was also a rather affordable price. They’re both super cute dresses.

    They’ve got an air of sophistication whilst maintaining a playful youthfulness. I’d venture to say they’re the real-world version of the Balmain micro mini lace dress.

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