Happy Friday!
Today marks the beginning of Fashion Week and also the first day Black History month! I’m planning on doing it up again this Black History Month, with even more fashion info from people of color in the industry. Stay tuned this Monday for the series.
In the meantime, I figured I could give you a few Mail Bombs…


…Let’s get started!
First, Holly says, “Please help me identify J Lo’s bag!
… I LOVE it!
I took one look at the Ombre print and immediately knew J. Lo was carrying a Prada bag, as witnessed in these ads…

..for Spring 2008. Get your own ombre bag….
…starting at $1500 at Neiman Marcus or Bergdorf Goodman.
Next, readers Leanne and Bluet fell in love with Meagan Good’s Boots…
…Leanne said, “They are too cute!”
They look comfy too! Anyway, it looks like she’s wearing these Love from Australia Vixen Boots…
…get them for $400 at shopbop.com
Brandy asks, “I was wondering who made this dress Eva Longoria Parker wore?
…Or something similar? I’m a big pattern and sparkle fan and I love this look!”

My sleuthing skills may be sharp, but I couldn’t find her exact dress! I’ll keep looking, but in the meantime, here are a few similar options:
Left to Right: LaRok Zebra Serengeti Sequin Tunic, $172, www.bloomingdales.com; Foley + Corinna Zebra Sequin Dress, $385, shopbop.com
Next, Nicjac says, “I am searching for a cute, affordable outfit to attend the Jill Scott/Raheem DeVaughn concert in March. It’s relatively cold in DC but not as cold at New York. Thanks!
Hey! Can I come? Just kidding. So for some reason when I saw this question, I felt Zoe Kravitz would be a perfect muse…
…it seems as if she tends towards looking pretty while not trying too hard, the perfect combo for a concert.
I’d recommend wearing a bold printed or colorful top with skinny dark jeans, topped off with lots of bold accessories. Pop on a pair of flat of comfortable boots in case you find yourself standing. And finish everything off with a blazer or wrap sweater for warmth.
A few suggestions:
Top Row: Magic Top, $90, www.fcuk.com; Stripe Trim Military Blazer, $103, www.asos.com; Lotta Stensson Plum Knit Flounce Top, $40, www.bluefly.com.
Middle Row: Juicy Couture Love? Amore! Multilayered Necklace, $82, www.nordstrom.com; Enamel Pyramid Bangles, $68, www.marciano.com; Pieces Private Label Earrings, $65, www.piecesofbklyn.com.
Bottom Row: Velvet Sharon Wrap, $79, www.revolveclothing.com; Corpus Alpha Gray Jeans, $84, www.revolveclothing.com; One of 2 Women’s Flat Knee High Boot, $132, www.endless.com.
Now, a question for the group. Audrey says, “I have a dilemma. I can’t find high-quality nude hosiery. My skin is about the same tone as yours. I’ve been buying Hanes’ Brown Sugar in Coffee. The color’s not perfect but it’s adequate. My issue with it is the quality: it tears after 2 wears max. While they are pretty cheap, I’d still rather get something that lasts longer and matches my skin.
Any Insight?

Fashion, News, and What Nots

*I’m so excited for the shows! I might have to *gasp* update on the weekends. Stay tuned!

*Deal of the Day:
If you can’t afford Rihanna’s Malandrino…
You can get the Valencia Sequin Mini for only $88 at www.marciano.com.
*Indulgence of the Day:

…Basics II Black Dress, $450, www.piecesofbklyn.com.
*WWD reports that Kimora is debuting a new fragrance…

..aptly called ‘Fabulosity. Talk about branding at its best!
*Diddy is looking for models…
Open call on Monday February 4th from 9-11 am. Location: 1710 Broadway (at 54th street). Ethnic models, if you need a job, there you go! Showcase your beauty:)

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  1. hi fashion bombs. about getting pass to nyfw, i tried to apply a month before as Claire said but they didnt approve it. got my rejection email like 2 weeks ago. but am gonna continue pushing it for next season. it sucks when u want something so bad and you cant get it.. also does any one know where i can get a job or an interneship in fashion industry around the tri state area esp NY. PLIZ HELP
    ny/nj fashionista

  2. hello anonymous 2,
    i applied for an editorial internship at essence in the fall, but they quickly responded to me and asked me to come in for a fashion position. however, my school would not let me go for the internship given essence would probably not let me write for them. henceforth, i obtained an internship in publishing. essence is an excellent source for fashion internships, check them out. BTW, what happened with my fashion bomb question? guess it didn’t make it….would any of you ladies happen to know where i can get a dress similar to miss bre’s blue/lavender one that she was wearing back in november? i love the color for this summer/spring. thanks!

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