So today’s the big day!

I’m announcing the winners of the T-Shirt contest at the end of this post…which means I’m going to keep Mail Bombs super short…


Let’s get to it!
Reader Linsay loved the dress Raven Simone wore to the “College Road Trip” premiere…
…she says, “Can you tell me who designed it?”
I couldn’t find the exact dress, but did find this $310 Kay Unger creation
…the color is brighter, but the silhouette is there. Get it at www.neimanmarcus.com.
Asia loved Dania Ramirez’s flat sandals…

She says, “I love her shoes, can you please help me find them or something similar?
Try these high and medium priced options:

Bottom Row: Chie Mihara Ankle Wrap Flat Sandals, $350, www.saks.com; Charlotte Ronson Amelie Buckle Flat Sandal, $136, www.shopbop.com

Now for a wardrobe query:
I frequently get questions asking: “Claire, how do I wear these shoes?
Most of the times, these shoes are some wild card, crazy purchase that the buyer just had to have…before they realized they didn’t have anything to wear with them.
Juanita says, “I recently bought these shoes. I couldn’t pass them up! They were on sale…
… However, I need some ideas on how to wear them.
Lola from St. Maarten wrote in with a similar query. She said, ” These two pairs of shoes have been sitting in my closet forever…problem is I have no idea what to wear them with! (They are colours and styles that I don’t usually wear)…
“… You may ask…why did you buy them…I am such a compulsive shopper, I buy stuff just because its pretty besides my friends think I need more colours in my closet :-)
Lola also found these beauts..
She says, “So, I was browsing Forever 21 online when I came across these very cute and very cheap (might I add) purple and grey pumps ….They are wonderful!!! Any advice how to dress these babies up or down?
It’s an epidemic!
But don’t fret.
The answer all the time is very simple: If you purchased a pair of hard to match shoes, wear them with a neutral, run of the mill outfit. Make the shoes the exclamation point to a subdued ensemble.
Wear your red shoes with a classic t and jeans combo…
Pop on purple with a neutral cream dress…
Or pair orange with all black…
If you must wear color, you can always try to go for matchy matchy…
…but I personally think that can look tacky tacky.
That does it!

Now for the winners of the T-Shirt Contest!!!
In 1st place with 44.2% of the vote is this colorful, explosive T…
…designed by Shari from Chicago…
About her win, she says, “Much love to all the people who voted for my shirt! It’s very cool to know that people want to wear something I designed!
In second place with 39.1% of the vote was the Sin City Shirt…
…designed by Canadian student Natasha…
About her win, she says, “All the contestants did such a great job! There are so many talented people out there, it made for such a fierce competition. Thank you to those who voted for me I really appreciate it!”
Lastly, in third place, with 37.3% of the vote was this Bomb T-Shirt…
….designed by the super hot Cranberry Girls (www.cranberryglitz.blogspot.com)…
…they’ll receive a $100 coupon to bag designer Sukari New York and a Fashion Book Bonanza, including copies of Fabulosity by Kimora Lee Simmons, Effortless Style by June Ambrose, and Lloyd Boston’s book, Before You Put That On.
That does it for now. If any of y’all are particularly feeling a design that didn’t make it, leave a comment! I’ll definitely consider making more down the line.
For now…
Fashion, News, and What Nots
*I want to thank Kyle, Jorge, Iulia, Eugene, Mallori, Alia, Eddie, Sydrena, Jennifer, Elle Woods, Victoria, Charle, Paul, Jaja, Yaa, and Juanita for submitting designs. They were all great in my book! I wish I could make them all!
*Congrats to contest winners: Shari, Natasha and Cranberry! You’re the bomb.
*Another special thanks to my contest sponsors: DJPremium.com, Modcloth.com, Lulus.com, SuiGenerisBoutique.com, ElizabethGrant.com, Lifebooker.com, Trace Magazine, SukariNew York, and UrbanBella.com!
*Cathy Horyn says her invitations to some high profile shows…
aren’t in the mail. But she doesn’t seem to mind. [NYTimes]
*Chic and Untroubled wonders if the Anna vs. Carine feud

…continues. I’m sure those covers are pure coincidence. [Chic & Untroubled]
*Karl Kani teams with Saks
…for new clothing line, Kani Kouture. [Allhiphop.com]
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  1. I was really feeling the “F Bomb” t-shirt with the pink accents and black model too. That would have been a FABULOUS shirt.

    Congrats to those who did win, I wish I was as talented! I’m so excited about my tee.

  2. I love the black tee that won. Very cute, all of them. And thanks for the love **Niesha**!

  3. The competition was fabulous!!
    Thanks Claire!!
    Everyone’s tShirts were so inspiring! loved it!!

  4. I love the 1st and 3rd place designs! I also like the one by Yaa, the plain white with the silhouette. All very talented designers! :-)

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