So I finally got my Carte de Sejour!!


Yes, it took me 11 months and four hours this morning to pick up the little piece of plastic that allows me to live and work legally in Paris!!  Because of my morning appointment, Mail Bombs were a tad delayed (my bad). Now we’re ready to go!

First, Nikki says, “I love Christina Milian’s polka dot top!

“I’d love to find something similar. Can you help?

The closest I could find to C. Milli’s sheer beaut is this Weekend Max Mara Blouse:


Get it for $275 from www.saks.com.
[Update: I just went to Zara and saw C. Milli’s exact top for like 60 Euro ($85 USD approx.). Find a Zara store near you by visiting www.zara.com.]

Next, in a Rih Rih bomb, Monica asks, “Where can I find Rihanna’s vest?


According to Rihanna Daily, Italian Vogue covergirl is wearing Paige Skinny Jeans with this $176 Grateful Acid Wash Vest:

Rihanna Acid Wash Vest

Get your vest at www.shop.rvca.com.

Edonna says, “Summer is just about over, but that doesn’t mean my sandal addiction is!!


“Please point me in the right direction! I need similar black sandals!”
Amerie looks fly, no? Get a similar ankle wrap look with these high and low priced options:

Now for a few wardrobe queries!
Raven says, “I’m going back to school, and am looking for a great tote bag. Can you help me find something more on the affordable side?”
Of course! Adriana found these options for you:

Lastly, Whitney says, “I was wondering if you could give me a little inspiration for a nice outdoor concert fit? En Vogue is performing this weekend and I want to find something that has a funky diva vibe to it. Thanks!”
For an outdoor concert, I’d recommend mixing a sequin or graphic print tunic top with dark jeans or leggings. Go for comfort in cute flat sandals, and bring along a jacket for nighttime chill:

That does it!
I’m going to enjoy my new French resident status. Ah, what to do?

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  2. Claire, your hair is really cute in that pic! (and congrats) Are those braids, twists, or locs?

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