What a beautiful day in Paris!

Gearing up for a fun fashion week in a few days;) Until then let’s solve some Mail Bombs!
First up Toya says, “I saw this picture of Beyonce in Australia”

Beyonce Australia IceBergs Matthew Williamson

“Who makes her dress??”
According to Red Carpet Fashion Awards, Beyonce is wearing a Matthew Williamson cream dress straight from the runway:

Beyonce Australia IceBergs Matthew Williamson

Go to www.matthewwilliamson.com for stores.

In a Male Mail Bomb Lamar asks, “I saw Kid Cudi on the Jimmy Kimmel show…”

Kid Cudi Jimmy Kimmel

“Where can I cop his sweater?”

According to Upscale Hype, Cude is rocking this $195 Billionaire Boys Club Zig-Zag crewneck sweater:


Get it at www.bbcicecream.com.
I another Male Mail Bomb Holly says, “Dying to know WHO makes these glasses??? Ive been looking for a pair that look like these FOREVER!”


Get Diggy’s look with these fun readers:

In a wardrobe query Demetria says, “Can you pleasseeeeeee help me find this purse? I know it’s expensive so can you help me find a cheaper version?”


“Pleaseee and thank you!”

Hey Demetria! It seems you fell in love with Tory Burch’s $595 Studded Satchel. Great choice! Know that if you want a cheaper version of a bag, sometimes you have to sacrifice quality and design. I found these studded bags for you under $100. They have all the hardware you could wish for while offering a similar essence:

D’Auria says, “I am looking for a sheer lace blazer or even perhaps a lace short sleeve top to wear on my birthday.  I thought I had the perfect one by Free People, however, they didn’t have my size… so now I am scrambling to find something similar.  Can you help me find one?”
Sure! Try these:

Lastly, Adrienne says, “I really want to get some flat oxfords like this option from Aldo:”


“…The problem is I’m not sure how to wear them. I’m in business school, so I need a business-y way to wear them to class. Plus I wear a size 11, do you think they will look like clown shoes/mens shoes on me, LOL. Thanks for any suggestions.”
Hey! Flat oxfords are very chic here in Paris, and I totally cosign this trend! Besides, tons of celebs have been seen rocking the style with more casual outfits:

Rosaria Dawson Sienna Miller Oxford Flats Celebrity

If you have big feet, I’d say to stay away from bright colors or materials like patent leather that could make your feet look bigger. The safest way to rock ’em would be with an above the knee skirt or a pair of stovepipe straight legged pants. Go for regular leather in black or dark blue:

That does it for today.
Have amazing weekends! Until Monday….

6 thoughts on “Mail Bombs: Beyonce’s Matthew Williamson Dress, Kid Cudi’s BBC Sweater, and How to Wear Oxfords!”

  1. Kid Cudi is such a cutie! I can really appreciate his simple, laid back style. My ex-boyfriend really needs to take notes…he was always doing to much which is the main reason he’s my ex…lol!

  2. For the person considering the aldo oxfords, get them! i’m planning on buying their blue ones.
    I think you can wear them to work if you have a 50’s flare to your work clothes or a very cute “period” look. or think Katherine Hepburn. You need cinch belt, cute accessories, color, well tailored suits. But if your daily work clothes are from NY & Co basic black suit and white button up shirt it will NOT work

  3. Hi Fashion Bomb !! I’ve been in Paris for a month now and I know Fashion week is coming up. Where are most of the shows being held? Please fill me in. Thanks ! :)

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