Hey Guys!

Mail Bombs today will be very brief, as I want to hit the road and take in my first show! I found a little time to solve a handful of Mail Bombs. Let’s go!
First up, Raven from Atlanta says, “Can you PLEASE tell me where to find Angela’s dress?”

“…I’m loving the fit and color combination!”

Hey! I’m assuming Angela is wearing by Twinkle by Wenlan, as she chose the above outfit to sit front row at the show. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the exact dress, but think you can get a similar look for less with these:

Next, Kay says, “Please help me find out who makes the shoes that Baller Chris Paul’s date is wearing.”

“….They are too fly! Who makes these and where can I get them?”

The fly young lady is wearing a pair of Christian Louboutin Uluona 140 Platform Sandals:

The amazingly hot stompers are a whopping $1,695 at Net-a-Porter. Get them here.

Nicki says, “Can you all help me find something similar to this dress Kim Kardashian wore on the Today Show last week?”

“… I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for something like it! Thanks!”
Get a Kardashian essence with this $71 Pink Soda Silk Dress with Beaded Neckline from ASOS:

If that match isn’t close enough, a lot of designers offer Puff Sleeve dresses in a rainbow of colors. Check out a small selection below:

Lastly, in a wardrobe query, Milly says, “I have to attend a semi-formal event next weekend. The black alumni at my alma mater are hosting a gala to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Africana Center. I am running on a tight budget, but I have yet to find a perfect dress for this occasion. I wanted to know if you had any suggestions? I would really appreciate your help!”
No problem Milly! I found these gala worthy gowns for less than $150:

That does it for today! I’m off to see what London Fashion Week has to offer…


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