This week has been super duper crazy. From hopping to parties with Pharrell to Rihanna concerts, I am pooped! Before I take a lonnng nap, let’s solve some Mail Bombs!
First up, Sherika says, “Can you help me find something similar to the green dress Alicia is rocking?”

Yep! The Get Whit It Girls joined forces and found these lovely options:

Next up, Lauren says, “Hi!!…..I looove the tie-dye corset Eva Marcille wore in this picture…”

“Could you pleeeease tell me who makes it and possibly where it can be purchased. Thanks!!”
Eva wore a vintage Terri Mussatti top, Kai-Aakmann pants, and Versace pumps to the HTC event. Her items aren’t currently available, but you can get a similar look with these:

Kierra says, “Can you please help me find something like this??”

Get an Adrienne Bailon white romper look with these:

In a wardrobe query, Nana says, “ I am HUGE, HUGE fan of your blog. I bought this Ralph Lauren dress, and I am in love with it. I need help finding the right accessories (shoes, earrings, bags, etc) to go with it.”

When in doubt, I always go for gold. It’s a certified neutral, looks dressy, and can mix and match well with anything in your wardrobe. If you’re a little more adventurous, snakeskin might be a nice option. Since it seems the dress has a slight v-neck, have fun with funky necklaces:

Spelman undergrad Danielle said, “I was wondering if you could do something on mid and maxi skirts for petite women like the one you did for plus size women.”

Yep! The following skirt options are made for the chic and petite:

Lastly, Lesleigh says, “Claire’s skin is absolutely glowing in the pic with Pharrell!”

“I’d love to know what her regimen is to having such beautiful, clear skin.”
Thank you, Lesleigh! The short answer is, I drink a lot of water, rarely drink soda or juice, and try to always wash my makeup off every night. I use Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash (it foams, so removes makeup efficiently) and tone with Origins Zero Oil Pore Purifying Toner. At night I spot treat with Neutrogena On the Spot Acne Treatment (I usually end up putting it all over my face pretty much); during the day I moisturize with Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture with SPF 15:

I follow up all my regular maintenance with facials at Wayne Agassi’s salon every other month. Skin types vary, so I’d recommend you consult with a dermatologist or facialist to see what would work for you.
That’s it! All that skin talk put me in the mood to get a facial myself….
At any rate, I’m going to rest up. Stay tuned for Jihan’s Fashion Bomb News Breakdown and more fashionable fun.


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