It’s pretty busy on this side of the pond, but we always make time for Mail Bombs.

Let’s get started!
First Kisha says, “I saw this picture of Alicia Keys leaving the Alexa Chung show:”

Alicia Keys Alexa Chung

“…I love everything! Where can I get her look?”
We got you! Mimic Alicia’s cool style with these affordable items:

Next Shantae says, “Can you please tell the name of the shoes that Paula Patton is wearing in this pic (and where I can find them)?”


“… These are a MUST have!!”
We searched and searched for these, and the closest we could find in style were these $492 Roberto Cavalli stunners:


If they’re out of your price range, get a similar look for less with these lovelies:

In another shoe Mail Bomb, Cassie says, “I am in love with the shoes Ashanti wore for VH1’s Hip Hop Honors!”


“…who makes them?”
According to Red Carpet Fashion Awards, Ashanti is rocking these $650 Givenchy Western platform sandals in beige with a Louis Vuitton Fall 2009 blazer.


Get the shoes at

Cherice says, ” I recently saw Jazmin Sullivan’s new commercial for Cotton and I’m dying to find out where I can get a printed lady coat like the one she has on.”


“…Please help!”
Sure thing! Get Jazmine’s look with these options:

Asha says, “I DESPERATELY need the shades that June Ambrose wore to the Black Girls Rock event.”


“… Any guidance would be GREATLY appreciated!”
June’s shades look like they could be these $150 Chloé Square framed sunglasses:


If not, the style isn’t hard to mimic with these options:

Lastly, in a wardrobe query, Shanté says, “I really need your help. I’m jumping the broom in Vegas on Halloween….more like eloping. I bought this dress but I have no clue what to wear with it.”


“… The sash is optional and I haven’t decided if I’m wearing it. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!”
Hey Shanté! Congrats!
The dress (without the sash) is relatively plain, so you better dress it up! It’s a celebration!
Pile on glittery rhinestone bangles, slip on a pair of elegantly embellished sandals, and throw on a pair of dangling earrings to kick off your big day. Keep everything neutral in case you decide to add on the colorful sash at the last minutes:

Good luck!
Have amazing weekends y’all, see ya on Monday!

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  1. I saw a fushia plaid shirt like Alicia has on yesterday at
    Wal-MArt!!! For like 12 bucks.

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