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Time for some fun!
Several people wrote in inquiring about Alicia Keys’ shoes in this picture:
Alero says, “Do you have any idea who makes them or have you seen anything similar?
Stellar intern Adriana searched, and found that Ms. Keys is wearing these Dior Mary Janes:
…go to for retail locations.
In yet another Alicia Keys request, Jaime wanted to know how to get this hot dress…

…According to this source, she’s wearing a Calvin Klein creation. The closest approximation I could find was this Calvin Klein Wool Jersey Dress
…available for $1,603 at
Loads of people were also interested in Alicia’s shoes, but the terns and I searched with no luck! If you can find the brand plus a link or picture, I’ll send you a Fashion Bomb T! E-mail th************@gm***.com with your answer!
Update! You guys are so fast!
Tammi C wrote in saying, “Alicia’s shoes are Sergio Rossi…”
…check them out here.” Go to for price and buying info (warning his shoes average about $700…though one reader wrote in saying, “I will eat Ramen for these!!“) Anything for fashion, huh? Anyway, congrats Tammi!
In non Alicia Mail Bombs, Aisha from London says, “I am obsessed with Keyshia Cole’s top…
…It is fire!! I want it…I need it, I am obsessed with it…lol, where can I find it?? The best feature of the shirt is the ruffled neck line for me.
It looks like Keyshia’s wearing this $222 Warhol Factory X Levi’s Ruffle Tux Tank
Now for a few wardrobe queries.
Nina from Washington, DC writes, “After getting rained on today while trying to hold my toddler and hold an umbrella, I’ve come to the conclusion it is high time I got a rain coat with a hood. All the ones I’ve found are not fashionable in the least! I know they must exist. Can you point me in the right direction? My current budget is around $100…but I’m always interested in seeing the beauty that I can’t afford as well!
Sure! Try these affordable options:
Left to Right: Gallery Short Trench Coat, $118,; Elie Tahari Brenna Hooded Coat, $268,; Hooded Trench, $100,
Next reader Raven says, “I’m a senior in high school and my prom is coming up!! I decided to do it BIG! and go with a white gown! but now I’m clueless on how to make it stand out..what color shoes and accessories should I pair with my dress..if you can please write me back i would greatly appreciate it..
Hey there! I’ve done a few posts about white outfits
…Generally, white looks great with metallic accessories…I personally think gold looks a bit more dressy than silver. For your prom make sure your accessories pop with details like stones, sequins or beads:
Top Row: Knotted Gold Leather Sandals, $30,; Franchi Metallic Flap Clutch, $66,; Jacqueline Ferrar Krystal Sandal, $50,
Bottom Row: Elissa Bloom Jewel Pouch, $41,; Guess Okanarra Evening Sandal, $99,; BJuliet Gold Metal Clutch, $38,
Next, Deesha writes in saying, “I have a party to go to this coming weekend, and I have a dress that needs some livening up. As you can see I have the shoes and the dress…
“... but I need help with accessories, what would you recommend?
Your dress is so simple (and cute), you can go wild with bold accessories: cascading necklaces, cuffs or bangles. Use these for inspiration:
Top Row: AV Max Gold Straight Link Necklace, $36,; Cousin Claudine Stretch Bracelets, $85,; Xhileration Gold Toned Multistrand Necklace, $13,
Bottom Row: ASOS Woven Metal Cuff, $13,; Chains and Gem Necklace, $64,; Kimberly Faith Gold Cuff, $53, Couture Candy.
Lastly, proof that you guys actually follow my advice!
Nique wrote in last week asking for shoes to match this dress:
…I suggested some silver strappy numbers and voila:
Party Perfect!
Deesha, Raven, you have to tell me how it all works out (and send pictures!)
Have amazing, fabulous weekends.
Till Monday…

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*NY Mag’s Fashion Blog imagines the Presidential Candidates in Comme des Garcons, Gaultier, and Lanvin….
…ah the magic of photoshop. [NYmag]
*Project Runway winner Christian Soriano does Puma
…yup that’s him with Fashion Bomb friend Estelle. Only one degree of separation! [MyItThings]

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