I’m actually out of town, so I’m going to keep this post super short!!!
Thankfully the interns were helpful, so it’ll go quickly!
First, King says, “Where can I get this dress?
According to the hot site Black Style Central, Tracee is wearing this Prada 2008 Spring Collection Dress:
Go to www.prada.com for store locations. 
Next, Shana says, “I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY love this gold linked choker Rihanna is wearing and I have been looking for the same one for quite sometime.
“... I was wondering if you could find this for me or something similar??”
This one was hard to find, though I think I found a few that came close:
1. Kenneth Jay Lane 16 Gold Twist Tube, $102. 2. Dookie Monster Triple Link Chain, $48.  3. Curb Chain Choker, $450. 
Melody says, “Hey this is a hot outfit Ashanti’s wearing...”
…where could one find this? Thanks!
Get her cute look by combining the following:
1.  Leo & Sage White Pima Cross Banded Tank, $38. 2. Cotton Gauze Tunic, $24. 3. Sailor Shorts, $135. 4. Adam White Stretch Twill Shorts,$111. 
If you don’t want to coordinate two pieces, you can go with this Fremont Romper:
…get it for $264 at www.revolveclothing.com. 
In another Ashanti Mail Bomb, Najah says, “I was on cruising the web and saw this amazing dress Ashanti was wearing when she rang the NYSE Opening Bell...”
I’ve attached the photo to see if you can lock it down or something similar.
These dresses come close:
1. Juicy Couture Trim Smocked One Shoulder Dress, $228. 2. Tracy Reese One Shoulder Frock, $265.  3. Little Joe by Gail Elliott Schiffer One Shoulder Dress, $315. 
Lastly Mataya says, “I ADORE Leighton Meester’s wardrobe for Gossip Girl, particularly this AMAZING blue dress...”
…If you could find these dresses or cheaper similarities that would be great! Thanks!” Adriana searched and found that Leighton is wearing this $150 Bettie Page Dress….
Get a similar look with these:
1. China Towner Vintage Sailor Mini Dress, $40. 2. Navy Blue Sailor Betty Dress, $60. 
I’m off to enjoy my vacay!
Have great weekends!