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So my internet woes continue, but that won’t keep me from Friday Mail Bombs!
Reader Kimberly loved Paula Patton’s dress in this picture…
She says, “I’m writing to see if you can find a dress similar. I love it!
Get a polka dot perfect look with this $340 Betsey Johnson Dizzy Dots Sateen Dress
…just add a cream belt to complete the look!
Next, Chris from NYC says, “I know it’s near the end of the winter season, but this jacket that Kim is rockin is hot to death!

Do you have any idea where I can get one?
Couldn’t find the exact coat, but really thought you could get away with this Diesel Silk Collection Roggla Jacket in Dark Green
…it’s hot, but will cost you a cool $754 at www.revolveclothing.com. Good luck!
Lanelle says, “I saw Rihanna wearing this dress at her birthday party in Barbados…
“…It is soooo cute and summery. Can you help me find something similar?
It is cute, and I love yellow! Get a similar look with the following high and low priced items:
Top Row: Yellow Georgette Dress, $275, www.edressme.com; Ruched Halter Bra Top Dress, $38, www.victoriassecret.com.
Bottom Row: Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent Camisole Mini Dress, $234, shopbop.com
Next, another Rihanna question! Alyssa says, “I saw this pic of Rihanna a while back at fashion week…
“...I was just wondering if you knew where I could get her bangles or anything similar to them. They look hot!”
Rihanna looks very posh in this pic, no? Anyway, it seems like she artfully layered gold Pyramid Bracelets by Kenneth Jay Lane…

…get ’em for $98 a pop at www.maxandchloe.com.
Finally, Tanya from Cali writes in with a wardrobe query. She says, “I bought my first pair of cute peep toe heels, but my heel keeps on slipping out the back when I walk…
“…I wear a size 7 but I bought 6 1/2 so this wouldn’t happen. How do I fix it?”
Hey! I’ve totally had this problem before!
I personally love Foot Petals products…
…They come in cute colors, fun shapes, and are affordable at $7. For your particular query, I’d try their Heavenly Heelz…
…just stick ’em in your shoes for traction, comfort, and a no slip grip wherever you go! Purchase at www.footpetals.com.

That does it for today.
I’m going to hurry and sign off before my internet decides to go out again.
Have great weekends!
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*Guy Trebay on how being a multi platinum rapper….
…still doesn’t ensure entrance to top Paris Fashion Shows. [NYTimes]
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12 thoughts on “Mail Bombs!!!”

  1. I know what the foreign covers have in common!!! Pick me!. Anyway. They want to keep the foreign buyer aware of the European standard of beauty amongst their own. It’s like a reminder ” Remember you want to look like the one in the middle not the other two”. Please. I wouldn’t buy the trash if I was Indian/Japanese/Samoan/Aboriginial.

  2. I’ve also noticed that mags like Vogue and Vanity Fair seem to make it a point to place the ‘colored girl’ on the INSIDE flap. Remember that Vogue ‘Next top model’ shoot w/ Chanel Iman INSIDE and also the Vanity Fair holiday issue with Zoe Saldana relegated to the inside flap gutter. SMH

  3. Thanks, as always Claire, for linking me. So freakin’ annoyed at the Vogue cover stunts. Just annoyed…you know you turn a blind eye and hope for the best, but then you realize that even reasonable people don’t see the flagrant, they made no bones about disguising it (not that it would be better), racism…but then when you get mad, you’re just an angry black woman? I’ve been a Vogue subscriber for years, but am so considering halting their mag. F*ckery. Plain and simple. It’s so insulting.

  4. oh, and as for those vogue covers…tisk tisk…i guess a little caucasian persuasion is mandatory for the sake of mass appeal…


  5. The similarities in the two covers is that they both have Gemma Ward in it mixed in with models which fit the nations demographic….

    Very sad…. Vogue still has to use a caucasian girl to validate the magazine in another nation. Gemma Ward is beautiful though

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