Among the most recognized credentials in the Cisco certification program, 300-115 R&S continues to make waves in the IT industry. 300-115 R&S is definitely the most recommended curriculum for network engineers who want to become highly-skilled. So, if you’ve completed your CCNA R&S, follow this certification path for a more rewarding career.

The succeeding program after your CCNA R&S

For some, earning the CCNA 300-415 ENSDWI R&S is already enough, but there are also those who want to further advance their skills. And if you want to transform from an associate network engineer to a professional one, then 300-115 R&S is for you. This credential is a way more beneficial for you and for the business. Thus, employers would definitely pick a 300-115 certification holder over CCNA.

The main reason for this is because a 300-115 is a more advance validation of enterprise networking abilities. This means you are more equipped with the right skills to work with various enterprise functions. And if you’re wondering how 300-115 R&S helps magnify your skills, here’s a list of the things that you will learn after the acquisition of this certification.

  1. It prepares you for more complex networking features.

With CCNA R&S, you are introduced to the core concepts of enterprise networking. 300-115 R&S, on the other hand, deals with more challenging network functionalities. That’s why your CCNA is a prerequisite to earn your 300-115. In addition, it’s suitable if you already have one year or more working experience in enterprise networking as a systems engineer, network technician, or network engineer. This way, you will have a smoother certification process.

  1. It furnishes you with impeccable routing skills.

On top of key networking features, this certification is the best path to acquire valuable comprehension of routing functionalities, which are immensely germane in today’s physical and virtual networks. It’s very advantageous to be highly knowledgeable in dealing with cutting-edge Cisco routers, as well as IP addresses because of the always-changing industry. Because of this, you’ll be an expert in advanced routing features that are expedient in utilizing IPv6, LANs, and WANs. All these skills will be verified through exam 300-101. This assessment consists of 45 to 65 items, with time duration of 2 hours.

  1. It harnesses your switching proficiency.

And of course, if there’s routing, there’s also switching. Plain knowledge of different switching solutions is not enough to keep you relevant in the real world, most especially if you’re eyeing for a higher networking position. But nothing to worry about because 300-115 R&S got you covered! Through its switching exam 300-115, you will be more exposed to crucial switching related features, especially Layer 3 with the biggest exam weight. Aside from this, you will also become more acquainted with Layer2 and VPN technologies, along with infrastructure services and security. To add more, you’ll gain skills to complete complex tasks using the Cisco Enterprise Campus Architecture. There are lesser exam questions compared to the first one―only around 45 to 55 items. 

  1. It arms you with technical troubleshooting expertise.

Once you’ve understood all the important switching and routing technologies, you will no longer have a hard time applying your skills into action. Using your knowledge and following the customary practices, you can easily troubleshoot any issue related to intricate routed & switched networks. And through 300-135, you will get to comprehend a more systematic approach in dealing and fixing these concerns in a timely manner. Since this is the third and the last assessment of your skills, the questions are way more challenging. Here you are given at least 15 to 25 items to be answered within a 2-hour duration.

  1. It resolves any of your uncertainties about network enterprise.

Successful completion of the three exams indicates that you can resolve any possible enterprise networking concerns without breaking a sweat. It further means that you are fully ready to take on real routing and switching tasks thrown at you!

Adding some exam dumps into your learning

300-115 R&S is definitely not an easy road to partake, so you need the right materials to guide you along the way. You won’t go wrong with the official training resources and sample questions provided by Cisco. These are great references to give you a profound grasp of enterprise solutions. And if you want to make sure a first attempt success, you need to try answering some exam dumps. Check out and you’ll find yourself dumbfounded with their striking array of online resources. offers you not just paid exam dumps but also free exam questions. Their files are all in VCE format, making it easy to download. Likewise, they have a bundle for all three 300-115 R&S exams. This one is a great deal if you want to avail of dumps, as well as courses and study guides when preparing for the tests.

Taking into account the limited availability of the 300-115 R&S

It’s also worth mentioning that Cisco has made a move to replace most 300-115 and CCDA certifications. As a result, all the 300-115 R&S exams are scheduled to be retired by the end of February 2020. So, do keep this in mind when studying for the certification exams. This credential is planned to be replaced by the 300-115 Enterprise badge and instead of taking the three tests mentioned above, you will need to sit for only two new assessments. For further details, check the vendor’s website. 


All Cisco certification exams assure you with an in-depth range of IT specialization. And with your 300-115 R&S, you have substantiated your knack in multifaceted networking solutions and functions. So, don’t miss this limited opportunity to secure this Cisco credential. Train hard for its certification exams. Once you clear this path, you will become not just magnify your proficiency in network engineer but also become a highly coveted asset among employers!