Franca Sozzani, edictrice of Italian Vogue is at it again!
Robin Givhan of the Washington Post reports that Madame Sozzani plans to publish an all Africa issue for the November l’Uomo Vogue to trump the July “All Black Issue” that caused quite a global furor:
Half of all the November issue’s advertising revenue will be donated to Africa-related charities. Perhaps this is a response to the oft heard complaint that the ‘Black Issue’ lacked actual diversity in the advertisements??
About the issue, Sozzani says, “Fashion is not only about clothes.…I do this from my heart and my stomach…not with my head.” Hopefully other fashion mags will follow her lead.
Read the rest of Robin’s article here.

4 thoughts on “L’Uomo Vogue November Issue is all about Africa”

  1. What are we puppets to put on show? We are that different huh. Why the need for extremes? All black feature..All about Africa. We do not need to be singled out and sensationalized, we just request to be treated fairly.. receive equal opportunites.. that’s it.

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