The block is hot! According to Hypebeast, Louis Vuitton has canceled all forthcoming Supreme pop up shops, and have canceled sales online. The issue? The Hype is simply too much.

Hypebeast writes, “The foreshadowing was on the wall for everyone to read when Community Board No. 2 denied Supreme its planned location back in May citing that previous Supreme releases in New York City have caused mayhem and that the brand could not “articulate how this product launch will benefit the community in any way.'”

Anyone who finds themselves by the Supreme store in Soho on any regular day has undoubtedly seen ridiculous long lines and crowds.

Reports from the Supreme x Louis Vuitton pop ups in LA described long lines and some fights. Lord knows what could ensue in NYC.

Though the police have informed people who have been camping out for days that the pop up is canceled, some don’t want to believe the news, and have decided to wait anyway. Seriously, does Supreme sprinkle crack on their clothes?

Back in the Day, I had my moments tussling over garments and waiting on lines with the H&M capsule collections. And we all saw this viral video of shoppers going wild for Balmain x H&M.

After getting bronchitis while waiting on line in the cold for Lanvin x H&M, I had to swear off standing in lines! And besides after one season, I feel these collections are no longer relevant.

What do you think? Would you fight or stand in line for a limited edition collection?