Rihanna was spotted yesterday at the Carol’s Daughter Hand and Foot Spa in New York wearing a Preen boyfriend blazer, ALC gray jersey dress and a Fallon Mixed Chain Necklace:


This ensemble offers the perfect mix of chic and edgy and the polka dot pumps are a sweet touch.  I especially love how she popped the collar on her blazer.
But isn’t there an unwritten rule that says that toes and fingernails must be painted the same color if baring both? Hmmm?
What do you think?

If you’re loving the look, here’s the recessionista version:


5 thoughts on “Look for Less: Rihanna at Carol’s Daughter Hand and Foot Spa”

  1. I love that necklace! I actually don’t always have my fingernails and toenails painted the same color. The reason is because my fingernails chip so quickly (and sometimes I chew on them…) that I have to repaint them and might want something different. I tend to stick to a common/neutral-ish color that can last awhile on my toes and whatever I’m feeling at the moment for my fingers.

  2. No Vuitton, finger nails and toe nails don’t have to match. That is so old school. Mix it up a bit.

  3. I also don’t always match the nails/toes for my polish. As Christina pointed out the nails chip faster on your hands than your toes so I have to do them over sooner & sometimes want a color change. It’s 2009..it’s okay to do that!..lol

  4. I don’t usually have matching polish on my nails and toes either, unless it’s a special occasion. I change my nail color much more frequently.
    I love Rihanna’s outfit: the boyfriend blazer over that tight dress contrasts perfectly. Not such a big fan of her up-do though.

  5. The outfit is cute but wtf happened to her hair?. I like rihanna but she has completely changed. Hate the hair its awful go bk to the bob it suits u better than the punk rock look. The gothic look only worked in Umbrella its time to get the ella ella ella out of that style. Dont let they turn u into a clown Rihanna or should i say Robyn…

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