Ethiopian beauty Liya Kebede is scheduled to star in J. Crew’s April catalog. They’ve always featured a few models of color, but this time it’s different: Liya’s doing it all by her lonesome.


The catalog will be in stores in a few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled next time you drop into J. Crew.

14 thoughts on “Liya Kebede for J. Crew’s April Catalog”

  1. she is indeed beautiful

    but this is very “sexy” look for j. crew. i use to subscribe to their catalog, and i’ve never seen anything this is very risqué for them….

    i like that they’re trying something different. nice job

  2. She is indeed very beautiful and ageless! She doesn’t seem to have aged one bit since I first started seeing her pictures.

  3. She looks amazing in that shot. It looks so different. I can’t even believe it’s her. Her skin always looks flawless. She truly is blessed.

  4. At some point we’re going to have to stop thinking that every single opportunity that comes to black folks is due to the Obamas–it isn’t like we had no work or visibility before!

  5. wats wit the pic of them having her surrounded by a bunch white kids, wats that suppose to mean??? (theres always a catch) rubbish!!!

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