Fall is quite a fashionable season. It is time to slowly get our leather jackets out and prepare for romantic, gloomy days. Some people quite enjoy fall as it is not as hot as summer, yet not as cold as winter.

Layered outfits are very popular every fall, as they give us an opportunity to look fashionable but also protect ourselves from colder weather and rain. For all our fashionistas out there, here is a list of top fashion trends for fall clothes and accessories.



This season’s top choices bring us something quite extraordinary as a fashion accessory. 

The piece in question is – balaclava, or commonly known as ski mask. The famous fashion brands like Gucci went crazy for these, and the runways are full of them. 

They are probably more suitable for winter, but you can get yours to fit the fall weather by choosing the right materials.

Aside from the classic black one, the pinks are quite trendy right now (with all the fuzz around the Barbie-core aesthetic), and the same goes for knitted balaclavas.


Maybe not straight from the runway, but let’s face it – we all need umbrellas for this season. But, an umbrella being a necessity does not really mean it has to be plain or boring. Go crazy with umbrella patterns, and match their colors to your shoes, your bag, or your jacket. 

Pick brighter colors and patterns to break the dark and greyish fall days.


Headphones are a must-have for many people. Whether you use them for practical, work-related reasons, or to simply enjoy your favorite tunes, you surely have at least a pair at home. Apart from their technical use, no one said headphones can not be fashionable!

There are tons of models out there that will satisfy your technical needs, but also make you look stylish while wearing them. The color palette is not reserved for darks only anymore, so you can get a pair in any color you like. 


Whether you like to wear a huge, hip-hop producer-style pair, or a discreet pair of earbuds, what is important is to keep your ears safe. Do not go too loud even though it is often tempting. If you are concerned about your hearing, you can always take an online hearing test.

Sunglasses and jewelry

Sunnies are always the main accessory, no matter the season. Fall brings us futuristic glasses, similar to those that were worn in the late 90’s and early 00’s.

A similar goes for jewelry. If we look at the latest fashion trends, the Y2K comeback is not nearly over! Large and thick hoop earrings and bangle bracelets were seen all over the runways.

Another thing that is coming back strong is a tie. If you enjoy playing with fashion in a gender-non-conforming way, rock a tie with a skirt, or a dress. Ties are not reserved exclusively for businessmen, it is 2022. Plus, they are giving nostalgic 00’s Avril Lavigne punkish vibes! 

Good old leather jacket

The first piece seems to never go out of style. You guessed it, it is a leather jacket! This fall the classic biker-style jacket is coming back to runways, and it is coming back big. If you are not a big fan of genuine leather, you can always find a great high-quality jacket made from other materials. 

Vegan leather looks great and it is animal friendly! Pair it with a long, flowy dress, or a skirt, for a nice contrasted look that is also in style now. A full-on black outfit always looks trendy, and a biker jacket will make that look pop even more.

The classic black jacket goes well with almost anything, but if you want to make a statement, go for another color. A burgundy leather jacket will make you easily spotted in a crowd.

Apart from jackets, leather pants and all-leather outfits are going to be extremely trendy this fall. 

Pilot jackets

The next piece is also a jacket. Popular pilot jackets are always trendy in some form. This fall we are going to wear oversized and long pilot jackets. The accent is on oversized models in multiple different styles.

Go for classic darker tones, or if you feel bolder get yourself a bright, dramatically oversized one. It is a statement piece for sure.

Material-wise, these jackets are perfect for fall if you pick a waterproof one. Fall is in most places quite a rainy season, so having this jacket will help you not get wet, even if you forget to bring your trusty umbrella.

Maxi skirts and dresses

Flowy maxi dresses with classic silhouettes are all the rage now! What is best about this trend is that you can still wear all your summer dresses, just accessorize them appropriately to match the season and the weather.

Knitted tops

Knitted soft tops are back! Cozy and warm, plus stylish – can not get better than that! Pair a knitted top with some leather pants and nice boots for a spicy look.

Corsets for a romantic look

Both Victorian and modern twists on corsets are in style now thanks to the trending TikToks on this popular social network platform. Corset tops, short corsets, long ones with steel boning, you name it, everything goes. 

It gives your body the dramatic hourglass figure and hugs your curves in just the right places. You can wear it over shirts, t-shirts, or dresses, or opt for a more discreet (yet quite fabulous) look and wear it as an undergarment.  

This statement piece is definitely something different, so if you are not experienced with wearing it, it may seem scary at first. Our advice is to try a corset top first, and eventually get one with so-called bones. 

It is extremely important not to wear it too tightly, as it can be pretty restricting.

Fall fashion always hits differently. Stay stylish with these tips, but remember that you are the one wearing the clothes. Alex from LGBTQ Flags Australia says that queer fashion and fashion in general is all about freedom. You can always make your own twist on outfits and unapologetically be yourself.