You may have watched her grow up on one of the country’s most infamous reality television shows or read about her tumultuous love life in the media, but there’s more to Kourtney Kardashian than meets the eye. The mother of three and successful businesswoman has blossomed into her own as she juggles many hats and navigates everyday life. Now at 40, Kourtney has become a prominent advocate for clean living. 

Eco-Friendliness is a Lifestyle

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen the impact modern living has on wellness and the environment. From unpredictable weather and the decline of natural resources to the increased diagnosis of preventable diseases and mental health issues, the quality of life is deteriorating. Witnessing these challenges, celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian strive to use their platforms to encourage eco-friendliness as a lifestyle choice for everyone. 

When you are conscious about how your choices impact health, wellness, and the state of the planet, you’re inclined to make better decisions. You are encouraged to reduce your carbon footprint and be mindful of what you put in and on your body. Ultimately, it becomes a passion that translates into healthy habits that benefit the world. 

Clean Living Can Be Sexy And Cool

There was a time when being environmentally-friendly or living clean was portrayed as an uncool hippie concept. When you’re dealing with a society where being sexy and cool is trendy, it’s hard to persuade them to tap into practices – even if it is beneficial. Knowing the type of influence the Kardashian name has had and their reputation for being trendy, hip, and attractive, Kourtney decided to use this to her advantage. 

In 2019, Kourtney sought to push her clean living agenda by starting Poosh. The site is best described as a community for women who wish to live healthy without sacrificing their sexy and cool demeanors. The goal is to educate, inspire, and support women from all walks of life in their journeys to better living in a modern world. Although only a few years old, Poosh has changed the game. 

Health, Wellness, Life, Style, And Entertainment

Eco-friendliness and clean living is more than just reducing your energy consumption and watching what you eat; it’s woven into every aspect of your life. Whether it’s selecting the best diet and nutrition, choosing what to wear, deciding where to spend your money, or even how you entertain yourself, today’s actions have a direct impact on your future. The question is, what do you want your future to look like? 

Kourtney uses Poosh to show women how they can make positive choices that have a lasting impact on them, the environment, and the people they love most. Whether it’s easy to prepare CBD recipes for moms with a hectic schedule or ways to unwind and have fun with the kids, the site aims to provide practical solutions to everyday challenges when using CBD

Look Good Doing It

Who says you can’t make eco-friendliness and clean living look good? While you might assume you must throw things like fashion, beauty, and style to the wind, Kourtney Kardashian proves otherwise. She’s all about showing women how to look their best, rocking the latest fashion and beauty trends. Whether it’s building the perfect wardrobe for all seasons or skincare regimens to defy the signs of aging, Kourtney and her team work tirelessly to give you advice that helps you look and feel good from the inside out. 

The world may have been negatively introduced to the Kardashians, but the family has worked hard to make a positive impact. Kourtney is no different as she joins the host of celebrities that have expanded their brands into the world of health and wellness. The Poosh brand has served as a platform to assist everyday women in achieving better lives, saving the planet, and looking good doing it.