With her 255 million instagram following and counting, Kim Kardashian is one of the most followed celebrities on the planet, so it’s no surprise everyone is watching what she does, and most importantly — what she wears. She’s a style icon, and her nails are no exception. Just as she can be experimental with her fashion choices, you’ll often see her testing out all the new nail trends — from bold colors, to ultra long acrylics, Kim K’s tried them all. One thing you will find with Kardashian’s manis though — she’s a huge fan of short natural nails and neutral shades that go with everything. Continue below to find all the hottest nail trends that are Kim K approved. 


Photo Credit: @kimkimnails on Instagram

Nude color palettes are a recurring trend when it comes to Kim K’s nails. This busy jetsetter is a style chameleon and needs to ensure her nails are always on point and don’t clash with any of her trend-setting ensembles. This may be why you’ll often see her with perfectly shaped nails in shades of nude — pinkish tans, beiges, taupes, or soft browns are all she’s we regularly see on those flawlessly manicured hands. These shades are mega chic and will go with everything. When in doubt, go nude. 

Tortoise Shell

Photo Credit: @kimkardashian on Instagram 

While Kimmy often opts for neutral nails, she’s no stranger to bold, trend-setting manis worthy of a double take. She went full tortoise shell while in Italy this summer and we’re super into it. Kardashian is a regular client of celebrity nail artist, Kim Truong, and we can see why. Truong is always up to date on all the latest nail trends, and isn’t afraid to experiment. To get this look in a pinch, try a simple nail art kit like DOLO Instant Marble Nails that will give you ultra-cool marbleized nail art similar to this in only seconds.


Photo Credit: @kimkimnails on Instagram 

We’re green with envy for these nails. For this look, Kardashian went with a camo green on a long coffin-shaped nail. We have to admit, this shade looks stellar on her skin tone, and we’re obsessed. Fortunately, this look is super easy to recreate. At your next nail appointment, scope out the greens and go with the shade that suits you best. It’s simple — opt for warmer shades for warm skin tones and cooler ones for cooler skin tones. 

Metallic Shades

Photo Credit: @kimkimnails on Instagram 

Kim Kardashian is known for her perfect, glowing skin and you’ll often see her with glowing nails like these to match. She went for a long square nail perfectly polished with a neutral color in a fun metallic finish that shines. We love this look for nights out, holidays, and special occasions. Be the life of the party with festive, neutral metallics. 

Classic Red 

Photo Credit: @kimkimnails on Instagram 

Red is always super sexy and will never go out of style. Kimmy proves that here with her flawless apple red mani and pedi. Can’t decide which shade of red to go with? Opt for darker shades for fall and winter and brighter ones in the warmer months. There’s a shade of red for every season. Be fierce in red. 

White Nails

Photo Credit: @kimkimnails on Instagram

It’s a white out. When Kim K isn’t donning bold colors, ultra long acrylics, or her signature nudes, you may find her keeping it simple with a frosty white polish on a natural nail. It’s no secret Kardashian loves a monochromatic look and she proves that here with this all white ensemble.