Kerby Jean-Raymond of Pyer Moss is starting to become a very well-known figure in the industry. He was presented with CFDA’s 2018 Fashion Fund Award for rising stars and is known for telling stories and pushing the envelope on Black culture and activism through his work as seen through his and Lena Waithe’s Met Gala looks. Now, we are about to really get to know this designer even more as he has extended his on-going partnership with Reebok by becoming the Artistic Director of their newest division called Reebok Studies___.

Pyer Moss and Reebok’s relationship dates back to 2017 and began with a single shoe design. Since then, the two have been an unstoppable, award-winning force in the fashion industry that have brought a renewed relevance to the Reebok brand and more attention to the Pyer Moss brand. The partnership has grown into so much more than sneakers as they have ventured into clothing and accessories which features Reebok’s athleticism and the Pyer Moss modern art aesthetic.

Shot by @averydalessandro

Led by Kerby Jean-Raymond, Reebok Studies___ will create men’s, women’s and unisex footwear, apparel and accessories with a more youthful appeal with stories to tell. And, Jean-Raymond is the perfect person for this new initiative. “The creation of Reebok Studies___ supports the brand’s commitment to fostering and developing young design talent and delivering products with a purposeful story,” says Karen Reuther, Vice President of Creative Direction.“Kerby is a cultural force and masterful storyteller. Since joining the Reebok team, he has injected the brand with fresh ideas while maintaining his unapologetic voice and design point of view,” said Kelly Hibler, Vice President of Classics at Reebok. “We are excited to continue our journey with him and further integrate his progressive approach.”

The new Reebok Studies___ division will be a place that Jean-Raymond describes as where “ideas can be pushed forward.” Unlike other competing fitness and lifestyle brands, Reebok Studies___ will focus on what’s going on in fashion and society rather than just being fashion-forward. Kerby Jean-Raymond has plans to collaborate with Reebok’s talented roster which includes celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Cardi B and bring in new fashion personalities as well. That’s the purpose of the blank space following “Reebok Studies”, it is meant to leave room for a new collaboration.

Reebok’s newest division makes Kerby Jean-Raymond the first designer to ever work with Reebok on a scale this large of which the designer can’t help be feel proud about. He states, “I feel honored to be a part of such an important moment in the brand’s history. The Reebok leadership team sees a vision for the brand that’s bold and unapologetic and I’m happy to be working with them.”