Just in, Pyer Moss designer Kerby Jean-Raymond and French luxury goods company Kering just announced the launch of “Your Friends in New York”, a new platform where creatives in fashion, music, and art come together to incubate and empower their talents as the next generation of innovators.

If you are familiar with Pyer Moss and Kerby Jean-Raymond, the brand’s signature is ‘Your Friends in New York” which can be seen through both Pyer Moss’s and Kerby’s instagram accounts. Set to go public back in March, the announcement of the “Your Friends in New York” initiative was placed on hold as the world was hit with COVOD-19. However, Kerby quickly launched into action by collecting over $78,000 for small, independent businesses affected by the pandemic along with medical equipment for healthcare professionals. Ultimately, Kerby set the tone for the program and continued to uphold the ideals “community” and “innovation” of which Pyer Moss was built on.

Essentially, “You Friends in New York” (YFINY) will serve as a host for the expansion of emerging talents in fashion, music, art, philanthropy and wellness. The platform will have many sectors including an events and experience division, an incubator inspired initiative, philanthropic programs, and a merchandise label.

In a public statement, Kerby Jean-Raymond expresses, “It is important to me to create and work on ventures that are future forward, involve the community at large and that will continue to help others grow in the fashion and art space.

Chairman and CEO of Kering François-Henri Pinault welcomes the YFINY concept, “When I met Kerby in 2019, I was impressed by his unique perspective of creativity, innovation, business and social issues. What struck me immediately was his willingness to invent a new, singular model, freeing himself from the usual constraints of the fashion system. It was only natural for Kering to support this project that seeks to empower new artistic talents, to encourage the diversity of creativity and to give a voice to the younger generation of innovators.

You can expect to hear more about “Your Friends in New York” programs in the coming months, but you can follow the @yourfriendsinnewyork on Instagram from updates!