5 thoughts on “Kanye’s $900 Louis Vuitton Sneakers”

  1. It bugs me that people keep talking about how high the prices are. IT’S LOUIS VUITTON!he might have “designed” the sneaker, he sure doesn’t set their price points.
    And plus he has his Nike Air Yeezys coming out, which I am guessing will be at least half the price, if not less.

  2. Kanye is Bugging out with these sneakers they aint all that i already own numerous pairs of louis vuttions and guccis & they all better then these but i wud have deff have copped if they ranged from 500-700 cuz i dont think anyone can afford any pair of sneakers for 1000$ in this economy unless your “KANYE WEST!”

  3. OOOH WEEEE!… Javon. Great point! That made much sense. You just told it like it is. Thats too much money to walk on the ground in man….

  4. They’re tight. Not everybody can afford em’ tho. But if you like them go get them. You gotta play the game how it go.

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