The Wests are on the go again, turning heads per usual, and leaving us on our toes with their latest look in Los Angeles that look like it was premeditated.

For someone who despises Paparazzi, Kanye West seems to love the attention that he gets from his outrageous looks that often set the precedents of what fans will try to imitate in the future.

We all know that once Ye loves a particular look, he goes the the extreme and turns it into his signature look. That’s exactly the case for his latest uniform which we’ve spotted the Chi-town rapper in on multiple occasions.

Photo Credit: Backgrid

His black Vetements shirt that he continues to wear with ‘Polizei’ in bold white letters on the back stands for “Police” in German. He’s been styling his go-to look with black leggings and his innovative black sock shoes that have yet to hit the market.

Ye’s partner Censori-West, who also serves as an Architectural designer for YEEZY, looked like a walking architecture herself. The 28-year old creator, took a page out of Mason Margiela’s handbook and used a circular foam piece from their ’08 RTW collection.

She opted for a black nylon sheer body covering that also went over her face, and confined her hands from being able to move or stretch out. Ye, who is a fan of Mason Margiela continues to have his Wife channel the Parisian designer through a series of looks. However his affinity with Mason Margiela is nothing new. If you recall on his track with Jay-Z, “Niggas in Paris,” Kanye raps,

“What’s that jacket, Margiela? Doctors say I’m the illest.

Cause I’m suffering from realness.

Got my niggas in Paris And they going gorillas, huh! “

Along with this look, we’ve also been seeing both Kanye and Bianca covering their faces with masks a lot lately however, if you look back at fashion history, you’ll see that Maison Margiela was one of the first to do it back in 1989 as evident in the photo below.

A Maison Margiela Face-Covering During their 1989 Runway show

It’s always interesting to see how fashion recycles itself, and considering that Margiela is one of Ye’s favorite designers, it’s clear to see that he get’s much of his inspiration from the Parisian designer.