I’m sure you’ve all heard the buzz about Kanye West wanting to intern at a fashion house, and now it seems Mr. West has found a professional home…

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According to UK’s Mirror, Yeezie is moving to London in early spring to train at Louis Vuitton’s luxury goods HQ store on Bond Street. In the article Kanye says, “I’m going to go and take an internship and just do something that’s like completely normal, and just rap on the weekends or something.
So let’s see. First celebrities bogart magazine covers away from supermodels, then sidle into all the acting roles formally earmarked for trained actors…now they’re taking fashion internships away from the the most poorly compensated population, style and fashion enthusiasts. What more can I say than, “Boooooo!
Snaps to Kanye for expanding his horizons, but I can’t help but think: You’ve already got your career. Why not leave the entry level internships to people who I dunno…need a job or experience? And are actually ‘normal’? Am I wrong?

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  1. I completely agree with you. I am not against celebrities expanding their empires once they get on but I feel like what will be left for people who truly have interest in certain arenas. We already have to work extra hard to get in such positions and now it will be harder.

  2. I disagree in this case. I think it’s great that he wants to actually learn about this instead of going off and just being a random celeb designer. I didn’t read the Mirror article, but do we know he’s taking a position away? And that they’re not actually adding one for him, in addition to the spots they have?

  3. I’m treading the line.
    Even though Kanye has millions of dollars and probably doesn’t need to work, i appreciate him taking his wealth and influence to learn. I think a lot of celebs should follow his example. How much would Beyonce benefit from an English class? And I wonder why Britney Spears never went to college. She can afford anything.
    Then again I’m a fellow stylista and I know how hard it is the Break into Fashion. It always seems the people who don’t need a leg up always get one. Kanye’s no different from all the socialites working at Vogue. Life’s a b*tch.

  4. I agree that some poor kid might miss out on an opportunity but also why do artists have to let people place a period where God put a comma.

  5. I appreciate that he’s respecting the craft by studying it. but he should have to take the same steps as all the others who want to break out in the design industry . He should go to design school and COMPETE for the internships depending on his grades, portfolio, eye for aesthetic etc… i strongly disagree with him taking away opportunities from students, just because he’s a superstar, who have been working at careers in design for years.

  6. i disagree. I am glad that he is actually willing to take the entry level position. there are so many stars who have these sucky clothing lines. he is willing to start from the bottom up.

    i don’t think this compares to rappers/singers who want to act, or vice versa, at all. He may not have gone to fashion design school, but you must admit that this is a step at putting in the hard work to perfect a craft.

  7. I agree…

    Its cool that he respects the craft and wants to receive training just like any other up and coming designer. He even has an eclectic style that may translate well on runways. However, Fashion is soooo cut throat these days! Kanye can make it on his name alone.

  8. I truely appreciate your opinion! Everybody is soo wowed by Kayne wanting to take this internship and your opinion is totally going in the opposite direction.

    But you know what Kanye would say right “well if the so called normal ppl want the internship then they should be more impressive than even me…” he would say him crossing over to the fashion industry will only increase the competition thus increase the quality…

  9. This is just another ego trip from one of the most obnoxious celebrities ever. Will an internship qualify him as a fashion designer? Hell no. This is some Lauren Conrad bullsh!t.

  10. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

    *catches breath*


    *blank stare*


    With Kanye’s ego this should last a few nanoseconds…maybe.

  11. I am glad that he wants to really have get some experience under his belt but it’s very hard to get and internship at Louis Vuitton even for the best fashion student.

    The fact that he can just slide his way in there without any formal training or even the basics is crazy to me and almost insulting to someone who is working hard to get there and didn’t just wake up one morning and decide they wanted to be a designer.

  12. You don’t see Ms. Jay saying he wants to rap. lol.
    Kudos to Kanye, but perhaps he should have just tried to do his design thing on the low. Hire some sort of private tutor. Perhaps even help out a startup and shoot them to the moon instead of pandering to Louis Vuitton, who REALLY doesn’t care about black people.

  13. I agree with you, but at the same time I’m sure that Louis Vuitton will also have a regular unknown and well-deserving intern as well. Hey- I’d rather this than another celeb clothing line.

  14. I agree.
    Kanye claims he is a “normal person, whose just famous”
    Umm that defines a celebrity duh??
    but I cant help but think he really doesnt want to be famous anymore. like he wants the money and recgonition but he wants to just be himself.
    Oh well, unless you move out of the country and live in the omish land or the hood where paps will definetly not come visit, “get over yourself goodbye”

  15. an intern for such an elite label should at least know how to SEW!! does he have a portfolio of looks that he himself has made with his own two hands? yes, he has had a few creative red carpets outfits but did he chose or design the the clothes himself? Hollywood is a lot of smoke and mirrors so i wouldn’t be surprised if a stylist brought him piles of clothes to have him pick out which ones he preferred. in that case he has the qualifications of a merchandiser and should be interning there instead! ive seen nothing conceptually original from him. just a lot of throwbacks to retro styles mixed in with current trends and outfits that you wouldn’t associate with a rap artist! he’s a celebrity so he gets 1st pick before designers release their things to the common market and thats how he gets the shock factor with his style. hes an adventurous fashionista and a fan of beautiful clothing but so are 2/3rds the women in my family. that doesn’t mean that any of them have any business in a design room. AT LEAST LEAN HOW TO SEW 1ST KANYE!!

  16. I agree Claire. Im a fashion student and for me it’s completely unfair that Im spending loads of money to study fashion and to shape my craft and someone who probably doesn’t know the components of texture, shape, line, drapery, balance and silhouettes. I mean it’s alot of talented people out here who haven’t yet to have their chance. That could be a perfect opportunity for someone who lives and breath fashion in their very veins. I love Kanye I do. We reign from the same city of Chicago, but I feel that when celebs start doing alot of other things then it takes away from others that’s all. I do wish him luck on his clothing line. I know it well be great.

  17. I’m with you on that one. I’m a journalism student who wants to work for a fashion magazine. Internships are hard enough as it is to come by and now we have to compete with celebrities?

    “Boo” to celebrities and their egotism, vanity and fleeting fancies.

  18. I’m with you on that one. I’m a journalism student who wants to work for a fashion magazine. Internships are hard enough as it is to come by and now we have to compete with celebrities?

    “Boo” to celebrities and their egotism, vanity and fleeting fancies.

  19. I disagree. Nobody said anything when Pharrell designed sunglasses, etc. for Vuitton with no design training. He didn’t go through the traditional channels first and no one made a peep about it. Let’s see what happens first because if it was just Kanye’s famous ego at work, he’d just challenge Marc Jacobs to a fashion duel instead of try to learn from him and his team. If you have the connections, you use them no matter who you are or how famous you are.

  20. I agree with Claire 1,000 and 1 percent. Knowing Kanye, its probably for the publicity…All we can do is watch and see how it all plays out…

  21. I don’t know about Kanye’s new LV sneaker design man, they look like a boat shoe, painted white, a platform added and tassels for no good reason.

    They also look like fancy nurses shoe, and I could totally see them being sold on a 14th street storefront.

    I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with the above qualities. I’m just sayin’.


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