One thing we know for sure is that Kanye West will always keep us on our feet. The “Most Stylish Man of 2015” by GQ has shown us within the first week of the new year that 2016 will be just as eventful.

andre leon talley kanye west fashion showOn Friday, Kanye blessed us with two new tracks from his upcoming album, “Swish,” which quickly spread throughout social media. Shortly after, West made a major announcement on Twitter, stating that “Swish” had an album release date of Feb.11th. While this date may have gone over the heads of some, many of us (and ESPECIALLY us at Fashion Bomb Daily) know that this date is important because it signifies one of the biggest moments of the fashion year: The start of New York Fashion Week.

carine roitfeld kanye west season 2 yeezyAlthough there is definitely a question of coincidence here in the parallels of an album drop the SAME time as the start of Fashion week, we wouldn’t be surprised if Kanye had something up his sleeve (perhaps another fashion show?). Although we will forever love him for providing us GOOD music (see what I did there?), it is definitely evident West is working to carve his eternal spot in the fashion industry and family. While there are no confirmations that Yeezy will be presenting at this year’s Fashion Week, we know never to assume when it comes to this man. He will always give us the unexpected.

Are you excited to hear some new tracks from Ye?

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