Hey Fashionistas!!
So the moment you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. You can now order your very own Historical All Black July Issue of Italian Vogue from the Fashion Bomb Shop!!!!
So it seems my Newsstand Guy got it right this time!
I bought as many as I could carry ( a couple dozen). If that’s not enough, I’ll run back and see if there are any more. But you’ve heard the buzz–this issue has been sold out all over the place. So hurry up and get your copy!!!
Click here to purchase.
PS See what all the buzz is about here.

Update: That was quick! I’m all sold out. I can believe it! I’m going to hit up my guy again on Monday to see about stocking up again. Stay tuned!

10 thoughts on “July Issues of Italian Vogue Are In!!!”

  1. thanks so much for carrying this!
    (but I do have a question about shipping costs– can you ship via usps instead of ups/fedex?) Just wondering; I definitely want a copy.

  2. I tried to order it but it says they’re out of stock! Will you be getting more in?

  3. LOL I can believe they are all sold out. When I saw the update that the mags were in I called my friend and we ordered two copies! We are both in South Korea so we had them shipped to the States we wont even get to see them until two months from now, but still…..

  4. I hope you get more copies, I have been soo unsuccessful in getting one and I am dying to see!!!

  5. tricia said
    on sat i picked mine up from the newsstand in los angeles at the farmers market/the grove. and the had all the covers and they were so not sold out. but they are charging 2.50 more than usual.

  6. I’m late but I’m still looking for a copy. Any idea if you will have anymore in stock before I go to Ebay?

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