Jezebel reports that newsstand sales for magazines are decreasing:


They say, “The decline is generally blamed on the rise of the internet (duh). Most magazines put a portion of their content on the web, and apparently there are some blogs that post all the juicy bits from magazines online. But recent figures suggest it isn’t just the internet cutting into magazine sales anymore. The decline accelerated in 2008 as consumers decided shelling out for magazines each month wasn’t an essential part of their recession budget. “

People have been talking about the decline of print forever, but I don’t think the internet will replace fashion publications. Beautiful fashion spreads can’t be easily replicated online–great models in breathtaking clothes look best on paper.

But what do you think?

Is print dead?

5 thoughts on “Jezebel Asks: Is the End Near for Magazines?”

  1. I love print. I hope to write for a major magazine some day. There is nothing like getting your own fresh copy of your favorite magazine in the mail and seeing the ads and articles on paper!!!

  2. I think its because technology has evolved so fast and people want news now. We’ve gotten used to the information instantaneously, especially when its something big, (i.e. When Beyonce broke the wedding news to Essence, it was all over the Web before the issue hit newsstands)

    There is also a surge in web based publications, and Nylon just announced its digital magazine taking the place of its print one.

    It’s kind of scary, but I don’t think that fashion without the glossies is fashion at all.

  3. With the fact that online news breaks faster, enviornmental concerns to reduce waste kicking up again, and just the general “newness” and hipness online, I think print will be relegated to memorabilia status. As in you only buy a copy for historic events (i.e. first African American president) because it’s still generally a pain in the butt and expensive to print out replicas of photos. But once that becomes more affordable too I have a suggestion for online content makers: charge people from the beginning to download and print your photos. Start the precedence early.

  4. 8 tracks gone tapes gone vcr tapes and the vcr gone tapes to record on video on video cameras almost gone.the way things have changed and the need for information now people don’t want to wait for anything fast food is to slow email is to slow microwaves are to slow people don’t want to wait anymore and if it’s free the better.I never thought i would see some of the things I have love fade away so if tey should go it will be something to tell my kids which they will look at me and say yeah right.

  5. People have been saying magazines are going to die for years now, but to be honest I don`t think it will ever happen. I read in an article in Uptown magazine that readership of magazines has actually grown by 11% in the last 12 years. I personally love magazines and feel there is nothing like being able to chill on a sunday or on the train and read my favourite magazine. I love the feel the design and being able to flick through pages and the fact that I can carry it around. I have tried the internet magazines but it`s just not the same all i get is eye strain.

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