Today I wanted to introduce you to Barbara Campbell:


A Brooklyn based jewelry designer. Specializing in classic techniques like wrapping, hammering, knitting, braiding, knotting, and crocheting, Campbell’s designs are simple and elegant. She says, “I feel the strongest statements are made with the fewest words.The same can be said for my designs.”
Check out a few offerings:
Left to Right: Necklace, $150; Lupe Rings, $110 each; Eve Necklace, $150.
Left to Right: Neri Tennis Bracelet & Fina Shell Pearl Necklace, $100 and $200; LA VIDA Circle Necklace, $150; BC Hammered Necklace, $185.

Left to Right: Cuff, $225; Bella, $185; Unisex gravity bracelet in quartz, $110.
Made of fourteen karat gold and sterling silver, all of Campbell’s rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pendants are crafted by hand…one piece at a time, in her Park Slope, Brooklyn studio.
Love it!
For more info, visit her site