While we posted what Gucci Mane wore to his Verzuz battle with Jeezy, we neglected to mention Jeezy’s fly custom blank mink coat from the Fur and Leather Centre, Crisp Nike Air Force Ones, and his Black Mafia Family Jersey from Exclusive Game Atlanta, styled by Kris Shelby:

Image by Google is Human

Jeezy has been making headlines lately, most notably for his lyrics in his new song, the Almighty Black Dollar. In it, he says, “Gucci and Fendi are Goofy,” and “Gucci doesn’t like Black People,” saying that ultimately black dollars help make brands that don’t like us ‘hot.’

But in the video, he is wearing a Dolce & Gabbana suit, when he could have opted for a black owned brand like Hideoki Bespoke (Jeezy’s co-star in the video, Rick Ross, is wearing a full Hideoki look, and supports brands like Hideoki, Exclusive Game, and Rich Fresh frequently).

It seems as if rappers are becoming more aware of their influence and power in the fashion world, but their actions haven’t fully followed suit–yet.

What do you think?

Images: Google is Human / Damn Johnnie