Marriage is a journey that it is supposed to take you places and leave you with unforgettable memories that will stay with you for the rest of your life. It begins with one step, your wedding, and if you’re looking for romance, love, happiness and the best venue for you and your loved one to celebrate your big day, look no further than Italy.

As you probably already know, in the last few years the peninsula has become the centre of the world, the “go to” place for destination weddings and elopements.

And you know why! In a world where everything is within reach and people feel that nothing can surprise them anymore, Italy still offers you a newness that can’t be found anywhere else. Whether you are a lover of art and beauty or you like to venture down unbeaten paths and explore coastal towns that are true gems, you can be sure that in Italy you will find exactly what you are looking for.

From the north to the south, everything the country has to offer is simply unbelievable. Milano, with its its fashion will make you swoon, Lake Como and its breathtaking landscapes (plus, the chance to bump into George Clooney or Lionel Messi) will captivate you. And Tuscany with its history and opulence, or Rome, the capital of the world, where everything can happen. Their ancient beauty will take your breath away. And what about Naples, Sorrento, Capri, Sicily? Italy has a way to steal one’s heart, and that’s why you know you need to get married there.

When you fall in love with someone and want to be with them forever, you know you have found something special. A person that you love and who loves you back is what makes life worth living.

So, what better way to celebrate your commitment than tying the knot in Italian Peninsula? Just imagine exchanging your vows on a gondola in Venice while you’re surrounded by your guests, your loved ones, wedding videographers and photographers there just for you to capture those priceless moments, as the wonders of the Venetian Lagoon set the stage for the most romantic evening ever.

That’s the thing about Italy: you want to take a piece of it with you, and there is only one true way to achieve that.

For your wedding destination you need the best wedding videographers, and Studio D’Essai specialize in immortalizing that first chapter of your new life together without interfering with the natural unfolding of your day.

It is something magical when those unrepeatable times find their way back into your life: a glimpse of the sea as you are about to kiss your bride or groom, a kiss that would seal your everlasting union, a toast to your love. Every time you will look at the photographs or watch your wedding film, all those small details you have forgotten will jump out of the screen and will spring out at you and transport you back in time.

Getting married in Italy will be one of the most life-affirming and fulfilling choices you will ever make. Happiness is waiting for you there, along with some of the best food, wine and music in the whole world.

As the song goes, what is life for but to love, drink and dance?