Fashion Bomber Britany D recently wrote in, saying, “I am debating between careers!! I really love fashion and planned on becoming a fashion buyer or working in a fashion house…but with how the economy is going and how retail stores are plummeting I’m scared that my love for fashion will be short lived.”


“Do you think that someone trying to get into the fashion industry will still be a good idea?”
I personally feel that in life, you do your best work when you’re doing something you absolutely love. You spend most of your life working–and while the safety and security of a ho hum job is appealing, passion–doing something you’d do for free–will see you through for the long haul (i.e. a career).
Need to know the difference between a job and a career? Ask Chris Rock:

I personally don’t think fashion is going anywhere. As long as women feel the need to get dressed and look fly, there will always be a market for fashion buyers and designers. Perhaps it won’t exist in the same forms as exist now…department stores might falter only to have new ones appear in their place; you might have to intern at the new ‘Macy’s’ and work a part time job on the side; or take on an up and coming designer. Who knows? But I think if you truly have a passion, go for it!!
What advice would you offer our young Britany?
And do you think Fashion is in Danger?
PS Chris has gone a lot further pursuing his comedy career versus his Red Lobster job…

7 thoughts on “Is Fashion in Danger?”

  1. Follow your bliss! You only have one life to live. Do you want to spend it doing a job you hate while you daydream about the career you love? If you love money then pursue money but if you love fashion go for it!

  2. Follow your bliss! You only have one life to live. Do you want to spend it doing a job you hate while you daydream about the career you love? If you love money then pursue money but if you love fashion go for it!

  3. I am a currently a senior with a major in fashion merchandising and i totally see the impact of the economy first hand when looking for internships its not only competitive anymore but also very selective. Now im considering going to grad school or double majoring. I believe in my dreams but student loans wake me up from my dreasm! :)

  4. I have to be honest with you! I graduated with a fashion merchandising degree july 2008. The job market is very rough right now for fashion grads. The most secure options are buying and management and most of my classmates are assistant managers at victoria’s secret. It really depends on where you live as well, I’m in chicago and there isn’t a huge selection, and with 4 other fashion schools here there are a bunch of girls competing for a few postitions. Internships are even harder to get because companies have to be willing to invest time and energy on someone who will probably leave. Also buying and management and department stores are open to all majors so that means more competition.

    I’ve been looking in other fields such as marketing, companies are really picky about hiring college grads right now they want people with experience so they don’t have to train them. I’m am also considering going to grad school in another field because I have loans to pay back and goals I want to accomplish. I hope one day I will be able to break into fashion but for now I have to take a little detour on my journey to my dream career. So my advice is get a lot of retail experience now and double major in business if you can so you have a more secure industry as a back up if you need to have another option. If you plan on moving to new york or California start saving now.

  5. I agree. I am a current fashion student from Chicago but away at school in Texas getting my fashion merchandising degree with a minor in marketing. I will say that Claire is completely right that things will turn around. After college I plan on moving back home to Chicago and landing a job with Target or Macy’s in their marketing fashion departments while I go to grad school for journalism. I understand that things can get rough but when you have a real love for something you HAVE to do it and that’s how I feel about fashion. After grad school I plan to move to NYC and pursue a writing career in fashion, but remember to keep your dreams in mind. Nothing is impossible.

  6. I also agree with Claire, if your willing to work for free for your passion, then you will succeed in it. If people see how much you love it, then they will take you more seriously. Start networking, because it’s about who you know, and in these days you would need to major or minor in something else related, to have more credibility when looking for a job. You don’t want to sit in an office 8 to 5 everyday doing nothing and totally bored, like me. If you love it enough you will succeed no matter what!

  7. Hi Britany, I’m a small business owner. I have a chain of small boutiques. And I just want to tell you that it has been extremelely hard to maintian these pass few of months. I can’t even begin to explain the hardship we (my hubby and I) have had to endure and it seems to only be getting worse. Now I know that your career of choice isn’t to open a boutique but it’s under the same umbrella. The best advice I would give you is to have a back up plan. Go for what you love, but always have a plan b. I hope this helps you.

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