Fashion Bomber Britany D recently wrote in, saying, “I am debating between careers!! I really love fashion and planned on becoming a fashion buyer or working in a fashion house…but with how the economy is going and how retail stores are plummeting I’m scared that my love for fashion will be short lived.”


“Do you think that someone trying to get into the fashion industry will still be a good idea?”
I personally feel that in life, you do your best work when you’re doing something you absolutely love. You spend most of your life working–and while the safety and security of a ho hum job is appealing, passion–doing something you’d do for free–will see you through for the long haul (i.e. a career).
Need to know the difference between a job and a career? Ask Chris Rock:

I personally don’t think fashion is going anywhere. As long as women feel the need to get dressed and look fly, there will always be a market for fashion buyers and designers. Perhaps it won’t exist in the same forms as exist now…department stores might falter only to have new ones appear in their place; you might have to intern at the new ‘Macy’s’ and work a part time job on the side; or take on an up and coming designer. Who knows? But I think if you truly have a passion, go for it!!
What advice would you offer our young Britany?
And do you think Fashion is in Danger?
PS Chris has gone a lot further pursuing his comedy career versus his Red Lobster job…