So I’m not gone quite yet, but there’s a lot of preparation (and packing) to do before an overseas trip! Thankfully Adriana stepped in today with a Style File on a bit of an unusual subject…

Brandy Norwood

Let’s see how she did!
As she prepares to release her fifth studio album, it’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly 15 years since Brandy’s first single, “I Wanna Be Down,” dropped and became an instant hit. Brandy’s fashion sense has a fresh, youthful energy about it, and it’s been fun to watch her look evolve as she’s grown from teen pop star to multi-talented R&B icon.
Brandy’s initial style mirrored that of most any teenager in the 90s: shoe boots, baby tees, back-pack purses (was I the only one who forgot she took Kobe to her prom??)…

…and, of course, she rocked the signature Brandy braids!
As Brandy moved into her late teens/ early twenties, her style took on a new mature, flirtatious edge and we began to see her in more bright colors, fitted pieces, and short hem lines:

…And with the birth of her daughter, Sy’rai, Brandy entered full-fledged womanhood–all too evident in her fashion choices. Remember the flapper dress/gladiator sandal outfit she wore to the 2002 MTV Music Awards (two months after becoming a new mom?). She definitely made headlines…
These days, Brandy prefers a look that incorporates playfulness, function, and sophistication. She chooses red carpet outfits that accent her waist and slender frame, and feature earth tones and “statement” accessories, such as necklaces and bracelets…
Her casual look still leans toward the youthful, and like any girl who’s young at heart she seems to prefer graphic tees and long loose hair, along with other laid-back pieces to complement the look…
…yet she definitely knows how to dress for a party or chic affair:
It’s been a treat to watch Miss Norwood grow up!
Get some of Brandy’s looks with these pieces:

Alice & Olivia Wool Jersey with Belt, $395. 2. J.Crew Beaded Waterfall Necklace, $150. 3. RSVP Taupe Petra Boots,$136. 4. Bebe Diagonal Draped Tunic, $69. 5. Tiger Graphic T, $11.
Great job Adriana!
Do you like Brandy’s Style?
PS A bit of throwback Brandy flavor, in case you forgot:
I did the dance to this for days…

You need to give it up…

And I’m still drooling over the guy in this viddy…

4 thoughts on “Intern Style File: Brandy”

  1. Dearest A, I love Brandi’s music (I think her and producer Rodney Jerkin rival Aaliyah and Timbaland for best collabo of the 90’s)but I never thought of her as fashionable until your post! I’m now going to pitch her label to host a fashion dinner for her! If it’s successful you must attend!



  2. Ive never really been a big fan of Brandi’s music or her style, but reviewing the pictures i think she might have been on to something… Gladiator boots back in 02, who knew? and the black leather skirt… im tempted to say that she is before her time as far as fashion is concerned (musically, im still not convinced).But Im still a bit on the fence but ill def keep watching.

  3. i have to piggy back on tbeenitsince87…. brandy was rockin the gladiators on 02?!? before they became an it item?! very nice!! oh and i love brandy. grew up listening to her!! thanks for the profile!

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