So while I was out getting ready for my party, intern Adriana took the helm, dipping into a few shows. Here’s her take on Nicole Miller!
Hey Fashion Bombers!
Friday night in the tents, Nicole Miller showcased her Spring 2009 collection for the fashion masses.


Her designs are best known for their sound tailoring, modern silhouettes, and, most of all, prints. She wasn’t lacking for any of these in the collection, which has an edgier, sexier feel. If I had to sum up the collection in one all-encompassing phrase, it would be boyish-meets modern-meets New Age-meets tribal. As multi-layered and interesting as this may make the collection sound, it was also its downfall as it seemed unfocused and sort of all over the place at times.
It was an ambitious collection, though, which is always great to see from an American designer. And when she was on, she was on: there was a to-die-for LBD; a buttery, terracotta colored leather jacket; and an evening gown of a gorgeous, vibrant ethnic pattern (the inspiration for her prints came from a trip she took to Haiti, which us Caribbean girls certainly appreciate). Here are some of my favorite looks:
What do you all think?
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